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Tizzy Bac Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Replica Album Concert

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Tizzy Bac Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Replica Album Concert in Taipei

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of their first album “Everything Distracts Me,” Tizzy Bac hosted a replica album concert at Legacy Taipei. Thousands of fans filled the venue on the evening of the 13th to sing along with the band. Tizzy Bac performed 20 classic songs from their first two albums, evoking memories and emotions in the audience.

The highlight of the night was the performance of “Who Knows the Drummer’s Hard Work,” a dreamy song that had never been performed before. The drummer, Tizzy Bac, vented his inner complaints about his 24-year career in the army through a hip-hop and interesting presentation on stage. The band also entertained the audience with a “bad joke contest,” delighting their die-hard fans.

The concert in Kaohsiung, scheduled for October 13 at Backstage Live, will feature a reissue of the “Everything Distracts Me” album. Limited tickets are available through the Tuoyuan ticketing system.

For the first time, Tizzy Bac performed “Who Knows the Hard Work of the Drummer” at the concert. The song originated from the original drummer Kai Tong’s grumbling during the recording of the band’s first album. Tizzy Bac expressed his anxiety about performing the short 40-second song at the replica venue. However, the band members came together to create a unique performance that incorporated drum solos and rap elements, instantly igniting the atmosphere in the venue.

The concert transported fans back 20 years with Tizzy Bac’s energetic and nostalgic stage performance. Starting with the song “Multiply,” the band enthralled the audience with hits like “Radical Life” and “Summer Heat.” Hui Ting, the lead singer, expressed gratitude to their fans for growing up with them and made a wish to sing for 30 more years.

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At the concert, Tizzy Bac focused on their golden songs from the albums “Everything Distracts Me” and “I Think You’re Like This.” Additionally, they surprised fans with an unplugged rendition in 2006, combining the songs “Graceful” and “It’s Better Not to Meet Each Other.” The unique suite received a tremendous response from the audience.

Not only did Tizzy Bac recreate the song list, but they also meticulously replicated the stage configuration and lighting effects from 20 years ago. Hui Ting reminisced about the early days when the lights were not synchronized with the rhythm but loved how they became an installation art on stage. The only aspect that was not fully restored was the costumes, as they no longer fit the band members like they used to. Nonetheless, the band perfectly captured the essence of their casual dressing style from two decades ago.

Looking ahead to 2023, Tizzy Bac plans to release side labels for the albums from their first year to pay tribute to their discography. As a special treat for their fans, they unveiled the “2023 version of the album commemorative side labels.” They hope that fans who still have their first album can see how the two labels can echo each other. Tizzy Bac’s attention to detail even included a physical doll sample of their iconic “Little Iron Baker” at the concert, with plans to materialize it next year to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary.

The concert in Taipei ended on a high note with the songs “Call Me Anything” and “Concession” from the first album. Tizzy Bac joined the audience in singing and clapping, showing their appreciation for the support. The band members then spent hours signing autographs for all their fans, displaying their down-to-earth nature.

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TIZZY BAC’s “Everything Distracts Ordinary People” commemorative EP set is now available on all major channels. The replica album concert in Kaohsiung is expected to be another sensational event, taking place on October 13th at Backstage Live. Limited tickets can be purchased through the Tuoyuan ticketing system. For more information about Tizzy Bac, please visit their official Facebook page and Believe in Music’s Facebook page.

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