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To have a trade is to have a treasure today

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To have a trade is to have a treasure today

Given the end of known formal work, the possible developments of artificial intelligence and the foreseeable outcome of social security or social security; and given the unstoppable influence of new technologies in production processes and its consequences in the labor market; a trade or innate or acquired work experience, looks encouraging in this reality and its future.

In these times of pronounced unemployment, poverty and indigence, having a “trade” understood as a set of practical knowledge that is acquired through experience, is truly having a treasure.

The apparent or supposed smallness of a manual, industrial, agro-technical or service trade, formal and informal, is not only beautiful but potentially fruitful and provenly fruitful, at least to satisfy the basic physical needs of the person and their family group. in urban and rural areas.

We understand a trade as art and expertise for an own and self-managing work activity, e.g., electrician, registered gas fitter, plumber, painter, gardening, masonry and construction, private classes (by teachers or teachers without work or with high discounts for fair claims wages), carpentry and blacksmithing, hairdressing, mechanic, laundry, cleaning family homes and business premises, search, pruning or weeding, shoemaker, dressmaker or tailor, driver, escort service and personal care, confectionery, preparation of food and food, messaging, odd jobs, etc.

Faced with the corruption and laziness recurrently corroborated in the clientelistic management of millions of social plans, promoting knowledge and training in trades based on an active attitudinal leadership, will be an authentic productive proposal by piecework of new skills and services, which will honor personal and familiarly, encouraging responsible autonomies, recovering dignity and self-esteem with real and independent social promotion.

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It will also promote well-being and embody citizenship. For this, informal, possible and permanent education and training, as well as the active and responsible participation of those involved, can be one of the best tools to work in favor of personal well-being and social reintegration.

organization and education

Our proposal also suggests the spontaneous organization, information, education and informal cooperative training (with political neutrality), aimed at people who are part of or may become part of personal enterprises, gangs of unemployed workers or family workshops, providing them with training and permanent updating, with specific tools to organize gradually, gradually and initially, modest but lasting processes or work schemes, with an unlimited view.

Preconclusively, our National Education Law 26,206, like all provincial education laws, grant non-formal education an important and significant curricular space, emphasizing that the training of teachers or professors of formal education at all levels and jurisdictions, must contemplate the construction of knowledge on the definition, harmonization, execution and evaluation of non-formal education experiences in arts and crafts, urban rural.

Already at the end of the 1960s, within the framework of the International Conference “The global crisis of education”, held in Williamsburg (Virginia, USA, year 1967), the importance and progress of non-profit education was established. formal in trades, as a preponderant tool for the strengthening of civil society, decentralization and democratization of knowledge, because “who knows the trade, does not die of hunger and drives away vices”

Finally and in addition, it is not a minor fact to also advocate for a renewed personal self-perception and community representation of people after the age of 55, from an active role, educating and preserving their capacities or talents in the event of threats of natural aging and morbidities, simultaneously and responsibly offering possibilities and new opportunities in order to continue, enrich and accompany, institutionally, personal evolutionary performances of instantaneous therapeutic well-being as well as emotional coverage, in the face of realities such as those that head this note or column.

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