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“Together” won the Asia Guanglian Award

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On the evening of November 17, the anti-epidemic TV series “Together” won the highest honor in the TV series category. This is the first time that the highest honor of the Asia Guanglian TV Drama Award has been awarded to a Chinese work in the past ten years. Among them, the screenwriter Liang Zhenhua of “The Turning Point of Life” once bluntly stated that the creation needs to return to reality. Over the years, he has devoted himself to the script, and strives to give back to the audience with good works, so that the audience can see the power of Chinese TV works.

  “Together” won the Asian Glory Union Award and has received numerous praises since its inception

On the evening of November 17, the anti-epidemic-themed TV series “Together” produced in Shanghai defeated Korea Broadcasting Corporation “May Youth”, Korean Culture Broadcasting Corporation “Turning Time into Opportunity” and South Korea’s Seoul Broadcasting Corporation “Top Floor” Season 3 etc. Popular Korean drama, won the highest honor of the Asian Glory Union TV Drama Award. This is the first time the award has been awarded to a Chinese media organization in the past ten years.

Liang Zhenhua's screenwriter

“Together” is an anti-epidemic era report drama led by the State Administration of Radio and Television. It consists of 10 unit dramas and tells the story of ordinary people stepping forward to participate in the nationwide fight against the epidemic. It has been aired so far, and it is worth mentioning that the “Turning Point of Life” chapter, as the opening of the whole work, has taken a lot of pressure and made a resounding first battle. It received an 8.6 Douban score at the beginning of the broadcast.

  Liang Zhenhua admits that only by returning to reality can it be accepted by the public

The success of this unit is not accidental. The screenwriter Liang Zhenhua once said that this kind of anti-epidemic theme writing must be returned to the scene to write real group portraits in order to be accepted by the public. He has always had his own unique insights on how to make a good time report drama. Liang Zhenhua believes that in terms of realism, fictional narratives are definitely not worth the event itself, so the story should try to return to the scene and return to the real people and events. Since both parents are doctors, Liang Zhenhua is quite familiar with the first reaction of doctors in an emergency.

Liang Zhenhua's screenwriter

Liang Zhenhua is very clear that you cannot use conventional drama to sensationalize, because everyone has been exposed to too much shocking news. Everyone has their own attitude and emotions towards news events. What the creator has to do is to dramatize the news. The facts are presented to everyone. In Liang Zhenhua’s view, if the audience is forced to guide the audience in the direction of their own understanding, it is a disrespect for the facts themselves. By collecting the first-hand materials of ordinary anti-epidemic heroes, and then doing artistic processing, these extraordinary people and things are presented in a simple manner, which makes the unit of “The Turning Point of Life” form a strong resonance with the audience. “Together” won the Asia Guanglian Association Award. The screenwriter Liang Zhenhua also forwarded and expressed his expectation that the turning point of the epidemic would appear. Being together is still the most emotional voice.

  Word of mouth is rising, Liang Zhenhua’s new works are highly anticipated

Nowadays, Liang Zhenhua’s screenwriter still concentrates on script creation and is committed to giving back to the audience with high-quality plays. For him, the word-of-mouth of his work is the guarantee for everything else. His works “Ideal Illuminates China”, “The Eye of the Storm”, “Blame You Too Beautiful”, “Macao People”, etc., while gaining good reputation, also aroused audiences’ comments. Looking forward to its new work.

Liang Zhenhua's screenwriter

It is reported that Liang Zhenhua’s new dramas “The Legend of Yunxiang” and “The Name of Ice and Snow” are in full swing. “The Name of Ice and Snow”, as a key TV series project of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, has attracted attention from all parties and has been selected as “Our New Era” “Themed works creation exhibition and broadcast activity; “The Legend of Yunxiang” has been enthusiastic since the official lineup, and the audience has maintained a high degree of recognition for the cast and content of the play. In addition, in the Tencent film list released not long ago, Liang Zhenhua and writer Remy’s “Mermaid” was also listed.

Respecting creation and sticking to the original aspirations, I believe that screenwriter Liang Zhenhua will be able to create more outstanding works reflecting the spirit of the times, and let the audience see the power of Chinese TV works.


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