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Tom Hanks and the passion for Fiats: his 128 up for auction

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Tom Hanks and the passion for Fiats: his 128 up for auction

ROME – At this point the suspicion is legitimate: Tom Hanks has a weakness for Fiats. And what’s the harm, if it weren’t for the fact that from someone who got two Oscars, we would have expected a predilection for cars like Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini. And yet it is not the first time that the Californian actor – 68 years old on July 9 – is struggling with the sale of one of his Fiats. Last March he hit 126, put up for auction for 83,000 dollars. Today is the turn of the 128, a 1975 copy used for the filming of Steven Spielberg’s “The Post”, and which Hanks bought in 2017 at the end of the film. With a starting price of $ 24,375, much lower than its little sister, the car was auctioned by Bring A Trailer, in Santa Monica, California, and the full amount of the sale will go to charity. Southern California Public Radio organization.

The Fiat 128 model was first released in dealerships in 1969 and was produced in 3 million units until 2003. For many a revolutionary car, as it was equipped with an engine created by former Ferrari designer Aurelio Lampredi. On the occasion of the film, the 128 was repainted in light green, only to return to its original dark green color at the behest of the American actor.

The card states that the car is equipped with a 1290cc in-line four-cylinder combined with a four-speed manual gearbox. Its features include a retro grille, chrome bumpers, retractable rear windows and 13-inch steel wheels, heating and defroster, radio and front three-point seat belts.

Would you pay 83 thousand euros for a Fiat 126? Yes, if it’s that of Tom Hanks

by Federico Pesce

Last June some works were carried out to make the car efficient. In addition to the usual general inspection, the carburetor and ignition timing were adjusted, the brakes were revised and the ignition coil was replaced. In addition to the fact that it belongs to Mr. Forrest Gump, there is one more element that could raise the price of this old 128: it is a model that over the years became famous because it was used for his daily trips by Enzo Ferrari in person, who evidently preferred her to any Redhead in her garage.

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