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Tong Chenjie’s deep V suit attends the ELLE fashion ceremony, the long legs under the short skirt are particularly eye-catching-qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: Tong Chenjie’s deep V suit attends ELLE Fashion Ceremony and the long legs under the short skirt are particularly eye-catching

In the variety show “Goodbye Lover”, Tong Chenjie, with a strong inner heart, calmness and rationality, and a “sober” character, has gained countless fans and won the recognition and love of thousands of audiences. On November 18th, Tong Chenjie attended the ELLE Fashion Ceremony with this self-confidence and independence. She wore a black suit. She was originally 175 tall and paired with pointed short boots and black high-heeled boots. The aura is powerful and invisible.

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The deep V black suit on the top highlights a nice waistline and a full body. The upper part of the suit is cut with care and cutting, adding a touch of charming and sexy under the cool appearance. The bottom bag buttocks short skirt is cute and cute, while taking advantage of her long legs, allowing the perfect leg curve to show up, attracting full marks on the line of sight!

Wearing a Givenchy large necklace on the neck, the rotating chain links are buckled one by one, adding a touch of bright color to the darker and slightly heavy clothing. At the same time, it also happens to fill in the gaps in the previous part. Wearing cube-shaped earrings inlaid with hundreds of white Swarovski crystals, Tong Chenjie on the red carpet looks extraordinarily calm. With this set of necklaces, earrings and dresses, Tong Chenjie is not only cool, but also a little more noble and elegant, and the whole temperament is becoming more and more charming, and the overall style is full of fashion, showing the demeanor of the royal sister.

The Elle Fashion Ceremony has a theme of unbounded East. Tong Chenjie’s introverted, calm, confident and independent temperament and a face full of oriental flavor perfectly blend the clothes with her unique oriental beauty, which perfectly interprets the “unbounded East” This theme! Sister Tong supermodel face yyds!

Tong Chenjie, who walks the red carpet, is even more glamorous, and she deserves to be a model! With a frown, a smile, a head up, and a shrug, the aura is strong and confident, and the sense of supermodel is full; the state of the whole person on the red carpet is even better, the temperament is so explosive, and the audience is properly slayed!

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It is worth mentioning that Tong Chenjie has developed together in modeling and actor careers and has accumulated many excellent film and television works. For example, “Splendid Romance-Gorgeous Adventure”, “Police Story 2013”, “Shanghai Women’s Illustrated Book”, etc. It has created a lot of powerful, courageous, wise, noble and elegant characters, which are impressive. Tong Chenjie’s natural and calm performance has made her praised a lot by the industry and abroad, and her work has been well received by the audience.

It is reported that Tong Chenjie is currently filming a new drama on the crew, and I look forward to seeing more and better film and television works with us in the future!


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