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TOP cooperation!Park Jae Bum and Wiz Khalifa create Hiphop new work “Break Your Heart”_YNET.com

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At 17:00 on November 18th, China time, the new work “Break Your Heart” produced and released by 7SIX9 Entertainment and sung by Park Jae Bum x American hip-hop singer Wiz Khalifa was officially launched. “Break Your Heart” is the third album officially released after 7SIX9Entertainment proposed the DREAM-X album project with world musicians. The song combines Wiz Khalifa’s American Hiphop style and Park Jae Bum’s Rap rap. The hip-hop rhythm adds a sense of bounce and brightness. The two “TOP” rappers used their best methods to express the deep emotions of “I don’t want to break your heart anymore”.

Park Jae-beom, who is well-known as a Rapper, has many excellent works. The music labels AOMG and H1GHER MUSIC he founded have set off a new trend of Hip-hop. American singer Wiz Khalifa is also an outstanding singer-songwriter. His work has been nominated for Grammy Awards for many times. “See You Again” with Charlie Puth has been played more than 5 billion times on YouTube. In this top-level collaboration of “Break Your Heart”, Wiz Khalifa joined the orthodox American rap, the chorus melody of catching the ears, and the strong combination of lineups, making “Break Your Heart” highly anticipated before its official release. Just look at the atmosphere conveyed by “Break Your Heart”, which seems to express the low mood of the public when facing friendship or love, but the spiritual core conveyed by the lyrics is “don’t give up, pray for hope.” Just as in the current epidemic, the world has also pressed the pause button. Maybe everyone is still depressed when they will resume their original vitality. The lyrics of “What we went thru was a phase, Now we look for brighter days” gives the answer: “Our past is only a period after all, let us look at a brighter tomorrow.”

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