Home Entertainment Torture at the Fox Factory|Qin Lan revealed that during the special experience of the Spring Festival Gala, a girl called her husband and called him “Ma Su Su” at the scene_Entertainment_Role_Sketches

Torture at the Fox Factory|Qin Lan revealed that during the special experience of the Spring Festival Gala, a girl called her husband and called him “Ma Su Su” at the scene_Entertainment_Role_Sketches

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Torture at the Fox Factory|Qin Lan revealed that during the special experience of the Spring Festival Gala, a girl called her husband and called him “Ma Su Su” at the scene_Entertainment_Role_Sketches

Original Title: Fox Factory Big Torture|Qin Lan revealed that she had a special experience during the Spring Festival Gala, and was called by a girl to her husband at the scene, “Ma Su Su”

Sohu Entertainment News (Ma Rongling/Wen Ruoling/Interview with Meng Sha/Picture Suki/Video) This year, Qin Lan appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala again. Searched “, she is beautiful and gentle, bringing surprises to people. Qin Lan said frankly that participating in the Spring Festival Gala was “extremely nervous” and that it was a pleasant experience to rehearse the sketches with everyone. “It is interesting to perform, and everyone will think of ideas when they are acting, which is very happy.”

Recalling the mood of going to the Spring Festival Gala for the first time, Qin Lan still remembers it vividly. She revealed that in the 2019 Spring Festival Gala, she participated in the concert “We Are All Dream Chasers” with Jing Tian and Jiang Shuying, because she temporarily changed her position and stood on the lifting platform In the back, suddenly singing and singing, the lifting platform went up, and the girls climbed up together in skirts, the beautiful ladies and sisters were super cool!

What’s interesting is that Qin Lan participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala twice and cooperated with Wu Lei, watching his younger brother grow up all the way. In 2019, Qin Lan took the initiative to send him a red envelope. When asked if Wu Lei gave himself a red envelope this year, Qin Lan joked, “I am his senior, so I can honor my senior, yes, just ask him.”

Qin Lan recently collaborated with Wang Yang on the TV series “She Just Doesn’t Want to Lose”. Netizens praised her as “the light of the puppet”. She smiled and said that she accepts everything. It is a joy to her that the drama and characters can be accepted and loved by the public. one thing. She also revealed that she prefers the plot settings of BE and villains, and revealed that she wants to challenge characters with high IQ.

Earlier, a male fan called Qin Lan “husband” which shocked her. At the interview site, when a girl sweetly called Qin Lan “husband”, she laughed heartily and called “squeaky”. Qin Lan also said domineeringly: “Whoever says I can’t attack, I will not accept it!”

Sohu Entertainment: This is not the first time you have been on the Spring Festival Gala. What kind of feeling is it like to be on the Spring Festival Gala this time?

Qin Lan: There are two programs this time. There is a song sung by everyone, followed by sketches, which is very tense.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you still remember what it was like to be on the Spring Festival Gala for the first time?

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Qin Lan: In the real sense, we sang “We Are All Dream Chasers” in the Spring Festival Gala. Once the director told us to change positions, and the stage could be raised and lowered. We stood behind the lifting platform and sang Singing and singing that the lifting platform is raised, why haven’t we risen yet, the girls are all wearing skirts, the three of us glanced at each other, Jing Tian glanced at me, I said climb, and we climbed up.

Sohu Entertainment: Compared with the first time on the Spring Festival Gala this time, do you feel a little more relaxed?

Qin Lan: Yes, because this time is a performance after all. For me, although stage skits are different from film and television drama performances, at least they are not unfamiliar. In fact, I think it is very interesting for everyone to play together. There are performances It’s fun, everyone will think of ideas when they play together, and they are very happy.

Sohu Entertainment: Did you meet any acquaintances backstage at the Spring Festival Gala this time?

Qin Lan: Yes, I saw Li Ying, Ou Hao, and Wu Lei today.

Sohu Entertainment: Did you meet Leilei again?

Qin Lan: We met.

Sohu Entertainment: Didn’t you take a group photo with Wu Lei backstage before?

Qin Lan: I even gave him a red envelope. I sent it on my own initiative. Just kidding, because he was still young when I met him, and he grew up so much all of a sudden.

Sohu Entertainment: Shouldn’t he give you red envelopes this year?

Qin Lan: That’s right, if you don’t give it to me, forget it (laughs). It seems that I am also his senior, so I can honor my senior, yes, just ask him.

Sohu Entertainment: Is there any special Chinese New Year ceremony for you?

Qin Lan: Red envelopes were given to me when I was young. My mother and mother are the youngest in our family, and my father is also very far behind, so the younger ones would call me aunt or aunt. Of course my brothers, sisters-in-law and sisters will also give me red envelopes.

Sohu Entertainment: All the dramas launched last year received good response. Do you want to pick a character and arrange a Chinese New Year episode for her?

Qin Lan: Pick a Zhang Fan from “Ranging Heart”

Sohu Entertainment: What will Zhang Fan be like if he celebrates Chinese New Year?

Qin Lan: During the Chinese New Year, she and her husband took their children home to celebrate the New Year.

Sohu Entertainment: I saw “She Just Doesn’t Want to Lose” on Reuters, and the comments were all talking about our mid-puppet.

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Qin Lan: Me and Wang Yang?

Sohu Entertainment: Have you ever seen this statement? What was your reaction when you saw it?

Qin Lan: Yes, he is a middle-aged actor, “even” is fine, the two of us are a bit like happy friends in it.

Sohu Entertainment: Everyone says that you are “the light of the medium couple”, do you like this type of CP?

Qin Lan: I accept everything, because I am a professional actor, of course I hope that every play and every role you choose can be accepted and loved by everyone.

Sohu Entertainment: Let me give you a few mid-event CP settings, let’s see which one is the one you want to try the most? The first one is the double-strong villain character set, the two sides are extremely pulled by mutual suspicion and use of BE; the second is HE who redeems each other in the dark and cuddles to keep warm; the third is the soul is highly compatible, and a look is worth a thousand words Wanyu’s mutual assistance and hands-on HE reached the top. Which would you like to play?

Qin Lan: The first one.

Sohu Entertainment: You still prefer BE.

Qin Lan: BE must be very profound. I think there should be room for design in terms of expression, and then I have to play the villain.

Sohu Entertainment: Would you like to play the villain?

Qin Lan: I don’t reject it. I remember that I often played villains when I was in my twenties, and I also received a lot of bad comments from people. But I don’t think there is any burden or grievance as an actor, because a good role can really make people feel better. An actor can burn himself and forget himself in the role. I really want to play that kind of high-intelligence character.

Sohu Entertainment: I saw you say in an interview that you can drink CP by yourself, do you still have CP now?

Qin Lan: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin.

Sohu Entertainment: Now you have a real CP!

Qin Lan: Yes, eating CP became a reality, and then it was perfect again.

Sohu Entertainment: Which one is more exciting when watching someone else’s CP or watching someone else’s own CP?

Qin Lan: The feeling is different. When you look at other people’s CP, you will feel that you are so sweet, and when others eat our CP, you will feel a sense of satisfaction. All the hard work you put in, so many people support you, you will I feel very gratified and have a professional sense of satisfaction.

Sohu Entertainment: The sense of satisfaction will be greater than the happy feeling of eating CP.

Qin Lan: Yes, it must be a sense of satisfaction, because you feel that you are gaining.

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Sohu Entertainment: What if everyone is eating the kind of evil CP? Like Doctor Tang and Ouyang Zhenyu.

Qin Lan: Not evil, the two of us have a sense of CP.

Sohu Entertainment: But it’s not an official match.

Qin Lan: It’s not important, but I usually play official roles, and I’m more traditional.

Sohu Entertainment: As long as you feel CP, you can drink it, right?

Qin Lan: Yes, you can eat it. Everyone can mess around.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you know which couple is your most evil CP?

Qin Lan: Everything is fine. I saw that it should be me and Gao Guifei in “Story of Yanxi Palace”. We are still at odds, why did the CP arrive.

Qin Lan: Yes, I think this is how it happens.

Sohu Entertainment: Have you read some bloggers’ comments on celebrities’ red carpet looks or airport outfits before?

Qin Lan: Yes, I get it often.

Sohu Entertainment: Have you read their comments on you? What was your first reaction when you saw it?

Qin Lan: Yes. Just looking at it normally, everyone is kind to me.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you have any tips on how to dress yourself that you can share with everyone?

Qin Lan: I think you should first know your own strengths and weaknesses, and then use your strengths to avoid weaknesses.

Sohu Entertainment: You may have had a lot of mother fans before, but recently it seems that your mother fans have changed a little bit. Now there are a lot of people calling your wife under your comments, you know?

Qin Lan: Why is she not loyal at all? A male fan called me husband, which shocked me.

Sohu Entertainment: Which one do you not accept as the title of husband or wife?

Qin Lan: It is not acceptable for a man to call my husband.

Sohu Entertainment: What if the girl calls you husband?

Qin Lan: It seems that there is no such shouting. (Someone yelled “husband” next to him) Hahaha, it was numb and crisp, and there was a little reaction, as if he was listening to his wife. Whoever said I couldn’t attack, I refused to accept it, seeing that my hair was cut. I think I can shape, I just finished filming Guan Wen in “She Just Doesn’t Want to Lose”……

Sohu Entertainment: Will she be more aggressive?

Qin Lan: She is more lethal.

Sohu Entertainment: Is it the lethality of the eyes or the whole thing?

Qin Lan: On the whole, Guan Wen cut her hair because of her. She is the kind of person who is particularly vigorous and courageous in her work.Return to Sohu to see more

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