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Touching! The latest short work “Look Back” by the author of “Chain Saw Man”, “Look Back”, sparked heated discussion among netizens | HYPEBEAST

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The well-known manga platform Shonen Jump+ officially launched the latest short work “Look Back” by Tatsuki Fujimoto, author of “Chain Saw Man” on July 19, which is different from the iconic cult creation style of “Chain Saw Man”. This time I chose to paint a heart-warming work that is touching, although only 143 pages.

The core of the story of “Look Back” tells about two elementary school students “Fujino” and “Kyomoto” who are good at creating four-frame comics. The two had never met before, but Fujino, who emerged earlier, learned of the existence of Kyomoto from the comics serialized in the school. However, in Fujino’s eyes, Kyomoto’s painterly is superior to her. With his self-esteem and faith in the situation, Fujino turned it into a driving force for growth, and worked hard to improve himself to the sixth grade of elementary school. Unexpectedly, he still believed that he had not surpassed Kyomoto, leading to abandoning the idea of ​​painting to make a living. Afterwards, at the request of the teacher, Fujino was handed over his graduation certificate to Kyomoto, and the two officially met and became friends at this time. The emotion of mutual support also brought out more moving and sad plots. The final turning point is even more worrying. There are also many images that hit the title “Look Back” waiting for everyone to understand.

It is understood that the release of this article coincides with the 2nd anniversary of the Jingani fire incident. Fujimoto should hope to give the public positive energy through this work, combining the classic Oasis song “Don’t Look Back In Anger” in the comics. The easter egg of “also conveys the author’s hope that everyone will stop turning back because of hate, and that everyone can look forward to the future with an optimistic attitude.

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It is reported that “Look Back” has been confirmed to launch physical comics on September 3rd. Interested readers can click here to read online. It is highly recommended that you take the time to read.

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