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Triumph × SHUTING QIU designer co-branded series fashion aesthetic makeup skin, easy to create colorful spring and summer

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Triumph × SHUTING QIU designer co-branded series fashion aesthetic makeup skin, easy to create colorful spring and summer

Triumph has joined hands with Chinese fashion designer Qiu Shuting to launch the Triumph × SHUTING QIU designer joint series. Previously, the co-branded series had been released in Milan Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week in the autumn and winter of 2023, showing a new cooperative series covering plaid bottoming tops, leggings, bras, pant suits, etc. The designer continues his distinctive personal style, integrating colorful and hazy flowers, modern and avant-garde checks with tension into Triumph’s classic items, and working with the brand to present the infinite possibilities of women.

The designer brand SHUTING QIU was founded in 2019 by designer Qiu Shuting. Qiu Shuting graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, and entered the public eye with her iconic depiction of modern romantic female images in her designs. SHUTING QIU adheres to the sensual and bold design concept in the processing of shape design and the selection of fabrics: on the one hand, SHUTING QIU is used to using a lot of asymmetry and silhouette design to show the independent and powerful side of women; The flower pattern decorated with bright colors has become the iconic element of the SHUTING QIU brand, which is used to show the romantic and gentle side of women’s hearts.


This joint series with Triumph is the first cross-border interaction between SHUTING QIU and an underwear brand. The designer integrates its good use of abstract flower patterns, modern and pioneering color checks and exquisite and complicated embroidery techniques into Triumph’s classic items , integrating restrained but far-reaching traditional Chinese totems, combining softness and toughness, and bringing a unique sense of modernity and a novel and fashionable look to Triumph’s classic items with romantic, modern and intense brushstrokes. The bold collision brought by the bright orange and cool and elegant purple of the series interprets the colorful vitality and individuality of women from a new perspective, conveys the elegance of women without losing their lively and lively, and encourages women to show themselves bravely. Self-expression coincides with Triumph’s brand philosophy.

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In this joint series, Triumph, as always, brings women a comfortable underwear wearing experience. The bra styles of the co-branded series include two classic cup shapes of the brand, the diamond cup and the deep V water surplus cup. The former uses the Wire Lite lightweight steel ring for centralized support, with a European-style satin floral neckline. The fabric continues to use breathable and warm Adjustable baby cotton, light and comfortable upper body. The latter has an infinity neckline and built-in mesh lifter for a lightweight, soft fit and a natural, alluring gathered effect for women. Both of them provide women with a soft and comfortable wearing feeling while also providing good support and shaping. After wearing them, they can have both “beauty” and “comfort” experience. The matching shorts are made from skin-friendly printed mesh that’s breathable, lightweight and provides excellent coverage.

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In addition, the series also launched grid-print leggings, high-neck short-sleeved tops and other items, all of which are made of extremely thin mesh fabrics to provide women with a comfortable and fashionable wearing experience, combining the coolness of spring and summer with fashion aesthetics. Point the skin and make this summer’s outfit colorful. Triumph × SHUTING QIU co-branded series has a rich selection of styles to bring consumers a variety of collocation inspiration, whether it is layered with fashion items to create a sense of layering, or mixed and matched with underwear, it has given A more novel fashion definition and unique perspective of women’s underwear.

As an international brand with a long history of more than 130 years, Triumph pays attention to women’s lives, attitudes and needs, provides sustainable products that always adapt to women’s life pursuits, and conveys an independent and powerful female image. Triumph hopes to use this joint series with SHUTING QIU to encourage all women to show themselves and express themselves freely and bravely, so that every woman is fully respected and understood. In the future, Triumph will join hands with more Chinese designers to launch unique co-branded series, truly turning underwear wearing into a relaxed and pleasant life aesthetic experience that is more conducive to shaping personality.

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The Triumph × SHUTING QIU joint series will be available in limited quantities starting April 27, 2023. Log in to the WeChat Mini Program “e Triumph Center” to view and purchase.

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