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“Tropico 6 – New Frontier” has been released on PC-DoNews Games

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“Tropico 6 – New Frontier” has been released on PC-DoNews Games

Qin Zeyu2022-12-02 15:52:27

Bracknell, UK – (1st December 2022) – Publisher Kalypso Media and in-house development studio Realmforge Studios are ecstatic over the moon to announce that Tropico 6 – A New Frontier is now available on PC . As a billionaire gets distracted by Twitter, the President decides that now is the perfect time to become the richest man in the universe and start exploring space. Which onion is SpaceX?

In Tropico 6 – New Frontiers, players are tasked with ensuring that their island stays ahead of international competition. Space is vast, and His Excellency will need to elevate his persuasion tactics to galactic heights. In the new spaceport complex, players will build rockets, conduct in-depth research, and then launch the “Sea Island” into a glorious new future-starting the space race, walking on the moon, and passing the new Mars mission plan Build humanity’s first Mars colony. New characters, buildings and laws will bring countless possibilities, let you earn more money, make the islanders happier, and make the island more perfect. You can even customize new, out-of-the-ordinary looks for the President and his palace. It should be noted that even if the plan is perfect, space exploration is full of risks, and no one knows what unexpected situations will be waiting for you. If you want to earn credit for your island, you’ll have to match it with an abundance of creativity.

Want to experience more space-related content? With the release of the freshly released update of “Sea Island 6”, Your Excellency the President will provide new content for island residents. In addition to the usual bug fixes, there are also new landmarks, lunar landers… the next thing you know, Don’t vote for the wrong person when you vote. The developers will be streaming Tropico 6 – The New Frontier on Kalypso Live on Friday, December 2 at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CST to showcase this new content.

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“Tropico 6 – New Frontiers” is now available on the PC platform. The space-themed DLC launches on December 15 on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Let the space race begin!


· Take to the stars in Tropico 6 – New Frontiers: a new spaceport complex, new mechanics that open up exciting possibilities for you; Expand the end-game experience; send more and more islanders into space – not only to send off pesky citizens, but also to earn valuable rewards for your island nation and expand your Mars colony.

· Mission to Mars: This is a new campaign consisting of 5 missions that pits the island against international powers in a research competition. Meet faces old and new from the Tropico franchise, including the Professor, Hector Sanchez, Patch and Veronica Veneno, and lead your nation to glory s future!

· 9 new buildings, straight into the blue sky! Complete assembly lines in the all-new spaceport complex, meet ever-increasing energy demands in fusion reactors and recycling units. With the help of the new vertical stacking mechanic, you can expand the capsule home, vertical farming tower and synthetic food laboratory to meet the needs of your citizens. In addition, in the holographic entertainment center, you can also show the modernity and joy of the island to the world.

· New design options for the Palace and His Excellency! With the help of additional new decorations and clothing, you’ll be ready for the challenges of the space race!

· 2 new edicts: Turn space missions into more money with the “Space Soap Opera” or send citizens to spaceships with the “Call to Answer”.

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