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Turin, all the initiatives of the Municipality for the national day against violence against women

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La Mole will light up to illuminate a beacon against violence against women. The initiative is scheduled for tomorrow evening, and the logo of the Coordination Against Violence Against Women will be projected on the symbolic monument of Turin, on the occasion of the dedicated day. And this is just one of the initiatives scheduled for tomorrow. One day that will open at 11 with the institutional ceremony in the City Council, in the presence of the president of the classroom Maria Grazia Grippo and the councilor Jacopo Rosatelli, who will meet the services dedicated to the topic on the sidelines. Furthermore, the communication campaign “Let’s talk about violence”, created with the Contrada Torino Foundation, will be carried out to raise awareness among citizens. Thus the postcards – which will indicate the contacts of the four anti-violence centers and the number 1522, dedicated to the victims of violence and stalking – will be distributed in civic libraries, in the offices of public bodies and in the offices of the city open to the public.

Furthermore, the exhibition “How were you dressed?” Will be set up under the portico of the municipal headquarters in via Corte d’Appello 16, where stories of abuse will be displayed together with clothes. The intent, explain from Palazzo Civico, is “to faithfully represent the clothing that the victim wore at the time of the violence suffered in order to raise public awareness on the issue of violence against women and dismantle the prejudice that the victim could have avoided rape if only he had worn less provocative clothes ».

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In addition, a chair with a sign will be placed in places with a high turnout of people, symbolizing the absence of a woman victim of femicide. Finally, at 2 pm at the Ambrosio cinema, Nome di Donna will be screened, a film that touches on the theme of sexual harassment. “Male violence against women is a pervasive phenomenon, rooted in patriarchal culture, which finds its most extreme expression in femicide, but which is expressed daily in words and acts of abuse inside and outside the home – comments the councilor for Equal Opportunities Jacopo Rosatelli – For this we need constant commitment, in a strategic alliance between institutions, women’s movements and specialized services. And this is why cultural work, attention to public discourse, the construction of an imaginary free from stereotypes are so important ». On the institutional front, continues the commissioner, «the City of Turin has long established a network of services to offer support to women who suffer violence and accompany them on emancipatory paths. The commitment of my department will be maximum to make the work of the various municipal services involved ever more aware and effective and to ensure that equal opportunity policies are increasingly integrated with those of welfare “.


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