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Turin, Amazon, Netflix, superheroes and videogames in the future of the Cinema Museum

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The Cinema museum closed 2021 with 237 thousand visitors, 45% more than in 2020. Numbers that cannot be compared to the 675 thousand of 2019, but which according to the president Enzo Ghigo are a positive sign, with a recent average of over 1500 visitors a day. Before Christmas you inaugurated the new zero floor of the Mole: what has changed? “With an investment of 150,000 euros, we refurbished the ground floor, removing the old counter from the cafeteria and installing a new lighting system that highlights the architecture of the Mole. At the entrance we have placed a large screen that tells the story of the two hosts, Alessandro Antonelli who built the building, and Maria Adriana Prolo who founded the museum ».

The space now hosts the Diabolik exhibition, after what will there be?
«An exhibition on Vittorio Gassman 100 years after his birth, and another on Erminio Macario after 120 years. We want to involve Stefano Bessoni for an ad hoc exhibition project, and dedicate another one to Francesco Rosi. Upstairs in March the exhibition on Dario Argento opens. Then there is a wider restyling and redevelopment project for the entire Mole ».

What is it about?
«It has a cost of 20 million euros and we want to include it in the collateral projects of the NRP. We are waiting to meet Lo Russo and Cirio to illustrate the plan, which I hope they will support. The goal is to technologically update the museum, make the systems more efficient, have the opportunity to make projections inside. And then enlarge the area of ​​the temple, transform the gallery of posters, invest in energy saving. Finally, move the ticket office and the cafeteria to the garden, and create a shelter for the queued public ».

What would you like to add to the content?
“For example, bringing holograms, superheroes, products from Netflix and Amazon, and representing the world of video games. The way of using film products has changed, and the museum must adapt to the times, speak to the young people and visitors of tomorrow ».

What are the challenges of culture today?
«You need to have some innovative ideas, and know how to intercept new trends, tastes and languages. We are lucky enough to host the ATP and Eurovision, but in addition to the major events we must take care of the niche ones ».

Are you in favor of bringing events to the suburbs?
«With the Tff we broadcast the films of the festival in suburban theaters, but we didn’t fill them up and it was an experiment that didn’t go very well. It is not automatic to bring an event to the suburbs for it to work, and all the rooms are suffering: partly because people have become accustomed to using the new platforms, partly for fear of Covid. But when we feel safer, I think we will return to cinemas, that maybe they will offer their product in a new way to be more competitive ».

What do you think about the Regio match awaiting its superintendent?
«I met the commissioner Purchia, and I am inclined to follow his indications. If you were to tell me that Mulè is fine, I believe it. However, I had a posthumous satisfaction: in the current CD there is a former councilor of mine, Leo, and a “pupil” of mine, Coppola ».

Turin in the meantime is shrinking: in 10 years it has lost 55 thousand residents. As a former president of the region, how do you assess the trend?
«Turin has lost its attractiveness from an industrial point of view and specifically in the automotive world, and this has contracted the offer of work and therefore the inhabitants. The decline is physiological: we are experiencing a down cycle but there will be an up cycle. The city is trying to renew itself and diversify into other sectors, but in a phase of global competition and crisis in the engineering industry, either we manage to invent new product sectors linked to the ecological transition or our city will have elements of further decay ».


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