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Turin, controversy asterisk liceo classico Cavour: student of Student Action attacked

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The controversy surrounding the decision of the historic Cavour high school in Turin to adopt the asterisk in official communications in order not to create gender discrimination, a decision adopted by the entire school board, does not seem to subside. After the tweet of protest by Lega leader Matteo Salvini, who had defined the decision “a race to nowhere” and the banner hung by right-wing militants “The asterisk is an ugliness that kills Italian and culture” this morning a militant of Student Action, a youth organization of the Brothers of Italy, was attacked by a young militant of the Kollettivo Studenti Autorganizzati. According to the Student Action, the attack took place during a flyer for the demonstration on 3 December. “Give me a flyer,” the student of the Kollettivo would have declared before striking the young man from Student Action in the face. “An act that does not scare us at all but which we find ridiculous” presented Matteo Marzorati, head of Student Action in Turin, who has not filed a complaint for the incident which Digos is investigating anyway.

Revolution at Cavour: from now on in communications the asterisk will be used instead of feminine and masculine

Bernardo Basilici Menini

Salvini against Cavour and the asterisk for not making gender discrimination: “That’s enough”


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