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Turin, Jaguar returns to Artissima. To go beyond the car

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Turin, Jaguar returns to Artissima.  To go beyond the car

ROME – Jaguar renews its partnership with Artissima, the international contemporary art fair in Turin, scheduled for next November 4th to 6th. A collaboration, born in 2019, to celebrate contemporary creativity and the common passion for art, design and aesthetics, which this year will present an unprecedented special project with a strong impact “An Alchemic Experience”.

The new initiative aims to enhance, through an alchemy of suggestions, the essence of Jaguar as a luxury brand by design. Thus, the British brand, an expression of individualism, emotion and captivating spirit, in continuous evolution, renews its partnership with Artissima, an international reference point for lovers of contemporary art, as an automotive partner.

In previous editions of Artissima Jaguar has been committed to promoting a project in support of young emerging talents, accompanying them on an Italian tour to discover creativity at 360 degrees. And now, for the twenty-ninth edition of Artissima, whose key theme is the “Transformative Experience”, the brand of the jaguar reflects its journey of transformation. The Jaguar installation, “An Alchemic Experience”, is a creative artistic creation, an immersive tunnel that, through the suggestion of sounds, kaleidoscopic lights, nocturnal atmospheres and soft colors in shades of purple and blue, will enchant visitors, projecting them into a future that is already here, to reveal the essence of the brand.

Definitely unusual sensations that guests will experience with the emotion of the alchemical experience, becoming invisible presences in a nocturnal and immersive environment in continuous transformation. The original installation was created for Jaguar by Anderson Tegon, art director and founder of Pepper’s Ghost, a digital creative agency specializing in experiential performances and exhibitions, a pioneer in the frontiers of artistic communication.

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“Art is an immediate, engaging language, capable of generating emotions and giving people the opportunity to express their interpretations – they underline at the headquarters – It is an exciting journey and we invite visitors to join us in this experience!” . This year, Jaguar is also promoting the exclusive participation of the American philosopher Laurie Anne Paul, author of the essay “Transformative Experience” that inspired the theme of the show, in a talk scheduled for Saturday 5 November at 3.30 pm. The meeting will represent a unique opportunity to deepen the central message of this edition of Artissima, inspired by the title of the most famous work of the philosopher who focuses precisely on the importance of opening up to new horizons, thoughts and emotions in order to be able to change. (Maurilio Rigo)

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