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Turin nightlife, entertainment and rest are both needs that must be respected

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Dear Mayor,
I wonder how old people could have juxtaposed with young people, children and adults, teachers and parents. I’ll give you an example: the nightlife. If someone protests because they can’t sleep at night, because the next day they find a neighborhood with bottles, glasses, etc. it is said that the desire of the boys to have fun is not respected. Why create a city in opposition, why not work for a sustainable city, where we can live together, respect each other and create a community culture? Certainly a more long-term and listening job. But the city thrives on looking for the well-being of its citizens. The neighborhoods must therefore become places of coexistence and respond to the needs of citizens starting with the most fragile ones. Certainly the most forgotten are the disabled. An example are the barriers that do not allow their easy circulation.
Emilia De Rienzo

The contrasts must be resolved, only in this way the city is inclusive

Dearest Emilia,
First of all, I thank her for being an active citizen, explaining her considerations on the local reality in which she lives, because for me it is by listening to the citizens that the operational priorities are identified. Reading his email I can only agree with his idea of ​​the city and neighborhood, intended as places of sharing and constructive and inclusive coexistence. The contrasts that you highlight are actually the driving force and a resource that allow the city to renew itself to the extent that differences are welcomed and harmonized for the common good.

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I believe it is important to be able to interpret differences as an added value and not as a source of opposition. For this reason, together with my council, I will undertake to enhance the potential of each district by trying to reduce as much as possible the physical and cultural barriers that stand in the way.

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan and European funds will allow us to look to the future with optimism. Turin must be a city where no one is left behind, the city of possibilities, opportunities and rights.

The city is a community project in which everyone must contribute to the common good.

Stefano Lo Russo


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