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Turin, Palazzo del Lavoro becomes the repository of all museums

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Ideas and proposals to revitalize a sector that has suffered too much, more than anywhere else. The state of health of the Turin culture, photographed by the Rota Report, is not particularly good but there are plans to shake the situation. Starting from the negative data, admissions to Turin museums have dropped sharply, with percentage variations that exceed 60% and reach peaks of 80%. But, in addition to this, there is a whole system made up of micro cultural activities that risks disappearing because it does not have the strength and the money to recover.

The first proposal comes from the Turin councilor for Culture, Rosanna Purchia, who launches the idea of ​​transforming Palazzo del Lavoro into the repository of Turin’s museums. A way to enhance an abandoned and degraded area but also to enhance the museum heritage and save on the management costs of individual museums. «Turin is suspended, as well as the whole Piedmont system which has enormous potential. After a year and three months as commissioner of the Regio I say that there is a rich system: I often wonder if there is enough demand for this enormous wealth. The second question I raise is that there is a need for order and this is perhaps a characteristic of being a woman. In the cultural offer – says Purchia – we often go against each other ». And he continues with his idea: «We have many resources to spend: the important thing is not to lose them in small projects, but to concentrate them on large floors such as the Palazzo del Lavoro, which can become the repository of Turin’s museums. This would make it possible to save resources, restoring a decaying building to the territory ».

My idea would save resources and return an important building to the territory

Rosanna Purchia – Councilor for Culture

Just a piece of a larger drawing presented by Superintendent Luisa Papotti. «We need to build an urban control room on major projects, which has been lacking in recent years. I am thinking for example – he underlines – also of Cavallerizza and the Tobacco Factory ». Idea welcomed and supported also by the general secretary of the Compagnia di San Paolo, Alberto Anfossi.

The Cavallerizza will be a house for cultural institutions and a showcase in the center for all the museums

Alberto Anfossi – General Secretary of the Compagnia di San Paolo

For now the Foundation is starting with the Cavallerizza. “There will still have to be a definitive award, but this very large space will be able to accommodate more activities with a common denomination which will be culture. La Cavallerizza – says Anfossi – could become a hub of the cultural institutions of the area. So we will offer the possibility to Piedmontese entities, even those that have seasonal events such as the Book Fair, to find a stable location all year round “. For large institutions located throughout the Region, such as Venaria and Rivoli, the idea is instead of a space that is a showcase in the city center. One way to promote the tourist and cultural offer and also guarantee new jobs. “We think the overall project will be ready in 4 years – concludes the secretary general – but in the meantime, as early as next year, we could open a new portion of the Royal Gardens which will be connected to the Cavallerizza”.


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