Home Entertainment Two record-breaking Dilireba and Ren Jialun’s “Just like the return of an old friend” ended today_Ji Yunhe_ Drama_The audience

Two record-breaking Dilireba and Ren Jialun’s “Just like the return of an old friend” ended today_Ji Yunhe_ Drama_The audience

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Two record-breaking Dilireba and Ren Jialun’s “Just like the return of an old friend” ended today_Ji Yunhe_ Drama_The audience

Original title: Two record-breaking Dilireba and Ren Jialun’s “Just like the return of an old friend” ended today

After the oriental fairy tale’s extreme romantic drama “Just Like the Return of an Old Man” took over the broadcast of the top “Acquaintance with Jun”, with the reversal of sweet abuse and extreme character design, the discussion of the drama has been high, and even “two broke” Youku station records , become one of the “phenomenal” explosive costume dramas in 2022. In the play, Ji Yunhe, the sassy and uninhibited spiritual master played by Di Lieba, has fallen scarred in “force value”, and the pure and kind mermaid played by Ren Jialun is domineering and “doing business” in Beiyuan. The exciting and ups and downs of the plot have been affecting the mood of the audience. Tonight at 18:00, the show will usher in the finale of membership, and how the “Yunyi couple” will go, many suspense have yet to be revealed.

Dilireba Ren Jialun’s first power circle fans According to the reporter’s understanding, the upper part “Acquaintance with Jun” has become Youku’s drama with the highest user scale and member conversion rate since 2018. It topped the hot list of many authoritative data platforms such as Maoyan, Vlinkage, and Lighthouse. Soon after the broadcast, the popularity of the show on Youku exceeded 10,000. In addition, as of now, the play has also won more than 2,200 hot searches on the entire network. Many netizens said that the play is “tight-paced, it’s my favorite double-A plot!” “It’s like the scene of the return of the old man’s domineering side. I’m so excited to see it, and I can’t wait to see the finale.” “The fiery broadcast made the series become a spring hit drama in one fell swoop. In the play, the hero and heroine go hand in hand, and the spiritual core of being brave for love and fearless for freedom has caused a lot of heated discussions, and has also gained recognition from both inside and outside the industry. Among them, the authoritative official media “Xinhuanet” once published a special article to praise, saying that “the drama combines the beautiful quality of ‘truth, goodness and beauty’ with ancient costume love stories, and broadens the value concept of ancient costume dramas in the macroscopic pattern.” Well-known media in the industry “Radio and TV Exclusive” commented, “Acquaintance with Jun Chu and Just Like the Return of an Old Man explore the oriental ‘new’ fairy tale aesthetics with an inclusive and open attitude, and add value to the oriental fairy tales.” The core of freedom spirit is compatible with young audiences. Whether it is the upper part “Acquaintance with Jun Chu” or the lower part “Just Like the Return of an Old Man”, there is a very contrasting and progressive presentation in content succession and character setting. Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi grew up in a sadomasochistic relationship that entangled and guarded each other from the early stage of “female strong and male cute” to the later “male domineering and female charming”, attracting audiences to substitute them and trigger emotional resonance, sweet but not greasy, cruel and abusive. Gao Ran’s painting style makes it cool to follow the drama. In the story line advancing layer by layer, Ji Yunhe went from pursuing freedom in the early stage to taking care of the common people in the later stage, from being pure and kind to knowing how to assume the responsibility of King Beiyuan to protect the stability of one party, and the transformation of other sub-line characters, all of which have become One of the biggest highlights of the series. In the story, they all resolutely chose to sacrifice “ego” to achieve “righteousness” when faced with many tests, protect their loved ones, and deeply moved the young audience. In addition, Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi’s extremely affectionate, sweet and abusive love of growing up together also gives the audience a glimpse of the unique romance and realism from the oriental view of love. “Just Like the Return of an Old Man” retains the audience’s fairy tale sense of “what the heart wants” in the world of Xianxia. The love between Yu Lingshi and the merman is fantastic and romantic. In the multi-environmental composition, they broke the rules, made close friends with sincere kindness and sincerity, jointly resisted powerful forces, and conveyed the spiritual core of brave pursuit of self, freedom and ideals in oriental stories. For today’s young audiences, Undoubtedly, it is a warm and bloody motivating force. It can be said that the success of the show and its ability to break the circle may have an important reference for the creative ideas of Xianxia themes in the future.Peninsula Morning News, 39 Degrees Video reporter Li HongboReturn to Sohu, see more

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