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UEPC rejected the salary offer of the Government of Córdoba

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UEPC rejected the salary offer of the Government of Córdoba

The Union of Educators of the Province of Córdoba (UEPC) rejected this Wednesday the salary proposal of the government of Córdoba.

The measure was reached in the Provincial Assembly of departmental delegates.

What was the proposal like?

The Province’s proposal is very complex, so much so that the representatives of the UEPC needed more than six hours to be able to “download” it to a format that can be understood by teachers.

In February, teachers would receive the 4.6% that was settled in the month of January in the item “Additional on account of future non-remunerative increases (Code 119560)”.

In addition, this percentage was incorporated into each of the bonus and remuneration items (and personal contributions are absorbed by the State). “So there is no loss of pay for the agent,” the proposal said.

“With this, 4.6% becomes the calculation basis for the month of February and on top of that 50% of the Córdoba CPI for January is accumulated, which was 23.03% (that is, 11.52%). .

In relation to the item “Teaching professionalism”, the official proposal indicated that “the payment is maintained, but the application of the conditions of articles 3 and 4 of Resolution 7/24 is suspended.” That is, everyone will be paid, whether or not they are in front of the classrooms.

In March, meanwhile, the caps on all items that have them were eliminated, except for “teaching status” and all non-rewardable remuneration items were unified into a single item on the salary receipt.

In addition, 50% of the February CPI would be paid on February salaries.

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In April, for its part, “the ceiling of the “teaching State” was also eliminated, in a first stage, by 25%,” indicated the proposal prepared by the Civic Center.

Likewise, 50% of the March CPI would be paid on March salaries.

Parity 2023

To compensate for the difference in 2023 (when the trigger clause was not applied last January), a non-remunerative sum equivalent to 4.5% would be paid on December 2023, something that, according to the union’s statement, “is equal to 3 % on April earnings.” It will materialize with the item “Compensation for salary loss”.

On the other hand, the proposal says that the provincial government guaranteed the payment of the Fonid for retirees and guaranteed the continuity of the “fifth hour” with its own resources, they say.

In the first half of May, meanwhile, the next discussion will begin regarding the difference of 5% of the 2023 parity and the conversion of non-remunerative sums to remunerative ones. Also the end of the “caps”.

Access the PDF with the proposed increase for Córdoba teachers in 2024.

It must be remembered that the teachers union was the only one of the 11 state unions that did not accept the latest increase proposal. Yes, the SEP and the rest of the employees of the Province signed it.

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