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UGG and Palace Skateboards Launch New Joint Series

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UGG and Palace Skateboards Launch New Joint Series

UGG and Palace Skateboards Unveil New Joint Series

In an exciting collaboration, UGG has teamed up with Palace Skateboards to launch a new joint series. This marks the second collaboration between the two parties, and this time they are introducing the Tasman Slipper shoe made of “Brown” and “Green” suede.

The shoe is designed for comfort, using two-tone embroidery and featuring cartoon characters and the word Palace on the shoe body. Additionally, the shoe showcases Palace’s Baby Devils, Psychedelic Sunrises, and Bomb-Holding Ducks patterns, creating a visually rich appearance. The soles are printed with UGG to highlight the joint identity, and the series also includes gloves and a white sheepskin rug with the word P to complete the collection.

The new UGG x Palace Skateboards joint series is set to be released on the brand’s official website on December 1st, Eastern Time, with availability in Japan on December 2nd. Chinese customers can find the series on the official WeChat account of “Palace_Skateboards” on December 2nd.

For fans of UGG and Palace Skateboards, this collaboration is a must-see. The unique designs and joint identity make this series a standout in the world of fashion. Interested readers should mark their calendars for the release date and be ready to snag these highly anticipated products.

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