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Ultimate Face-Off: F1 Car, MotoGP Motorcycle, and More Compete for Drag Racing Supremacy

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Ultimate Face-Off: F1 Car, MotoGP Motorcycle, and More Compete for Drag Racing Supremacy

Ultimate Race: 5 Legendary Vehicles Face Off in Epic Drag Racing

See five of the world‘s fastest machines go head to head in the Ultimate Race. If you were to challenge an F1 car, a MotoGP motorcycle, a rally crossover car, a world rally car, and an electric supercar Ford SuperVan 4.2, who do you think would win? The ultimate competition reveals which car has the fastest straight-line speed on a 1/4-mile drag racing track at a remote airport location.

This is not an easy thing to assemble. It’s no secret that F1 cars are the fastest on four wheels, but are they faster than MotoGP motorcycles? Modern rally cars are also fast, while world rallycross cars are designed for sprints over short distances. But don’t overlook the Ford SuperVan 4.2 – they are both direct-drive and very fast cars.

Driving these cars are the cream of the international motorsport world: F1’s newest driver and Austrian Red Bull Racing test driver Liam Lawson drives the world championship-winning RB8. MotoGP race champion and Red Bull KTM factory team development rider Dani Pedrosa ride an RC16 motorcycle. World rallycross champion Timmy Hansen brought his Team Peugeot-Hansen 208 rallycross car. World Rallycross star Adrien Fourmaux drives the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1. As a wildcard driver, legendary Le Mans champion Romain Dumas drives a Ford SuperVan 4.2 supercar, an all-electric beast that he piloted to the top of the 2023 Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

At a distance of 400 meters, no one could beat the mighty Dani Pedrosa and his Austrian Red Bull KTM factory team RC16 bike. Dani put a lot of effort into developing the KTM, transforming the revolutionary steel frame motorcycle into a race-winning weapon. Liam Lawson in the RB8 was hot on his heels in the first two rounds, but the real shocker was the Ford SuperVan 4.2 running on full power, beating the F1 car by 0.1 seconds in the final heats.

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“It was hard not to use too much power at first so I could get the best traction,” said Pedrosa. According to him, his right hand has more power, but it needs to be adjusted to ensure the tires have maximum grip. This allows him to run at top speed on slippery roads.

The Ultimate Race showcased the incredible speed and power of these legendary vehicles. It was a thrilling competition that left spectators in awe. Congratulations to the winners and kudos to all the drivers for their remarkable skills and dedication in pushing these machines to their limits.

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