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“Uncharted” movie will land on Netflix in July – Movie – cnBeta.COM

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“Uncharted” movie will land on Netflix in July – Movie – cnBeta.COM

According to Netflix, the film adaptation of Tom Holland’s PlayStation series of games, “Uncharted,” will hit the streaming platform on July 15 for US audiences. While apparently a lot of people have already seen the movie, which reportedly made more than $400 million during its theatrical release, this will be the first time it’s hit streaming.


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Uncharted made its way to Netflix thanks to Sony Pictures’ deal with the streaming service last year. Disney, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. have all announced that their films and TV series will be broadcast on their own platforms. Sony will be one of the major studios that has agreed to move many of its films to the platform after their theatrical release. The deal also includes Doctor Night: Morbius. The film was a flop at the box office as the meme was back in theaters once again, but it flopped once.

Despite the imminent arrival of Uncharted based on the deal, Netflix won’t be the exclusive platform for the upcoming PlayStation game-based movies and shows. While Sony is teaming up with Netflix to produce the Horizon: Zero Dawn TV series, the Chariots of Fire adaptation will air on Peacock and The Last of Us will be coming to HBO.

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