Home Entertainment “Uncooked” series is new, INTO YOU uses eggs as inspiration to create eye makeup aesthetics – yqqlm

“Uncooked” series is new, INTO YOU uses eggs as inspiration to create eye makeup aesthetics – yqqlm

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“Uncooked” series is new, INTO YOU uses eggs as inspiration to create eye makeup aesthetics – yqqlm

Specializing in color modulation and leading the cutting-edge aesthetics, the domestic makeup INTO YOU has recently officially announced a new product – the immature series INTO YOU six-color eyeshadow palette. With a new color concept, it has created a new trend in eye makeup.

Inspired by eggshells, go deep into the “white space” of life

As an up-and-coming domestic make-up brand, “Color Expert” is the most dazzling label on INTO YOU. With its excellent color modulation and product strength, INTO YOU has created a series of color innovations, such as Winter Rose and Ji Chunye, which are both innovative and expressive. The makeup works of the product concept use the blessing of multi-pioneer color aesthetics to allow users to show their unique charm.

Eggs are a magical combination of soft and hard. Peeling off the hard eggshell, the blank aesthetics of endless thinking in the subtleties of life. This unfamiliar series of INTO YOU six-color eyeshadow palette is another sincere work that combines INTO YOU’s color creation ability and insight ability. In the creation, INTO YOU uses eggs as inspiration to create a blank space, and uses eggshell and egg yolk as color inspiration. Under the blessing of INTO YOU’s senior color modulation strength, INTO YOU interprets the triple blank space of color, makeup and design, for consumers. Brings a new makeup aesthetic.

Two shades for inspired eye makeup

In terms of color, the INTO YOU six-color eyeshadow palette of the immature series is inspired by egg yolks and eggshells to bring two shades of 01 egg yolk plate and 02 eggshell plate. 01 The egg yolk plate is presented with a fresh yellow-brown tone, complemented by a cool light blue addition. In the cool and warm, the interpretation of rich play makeup. 02 The eggshell plate has a cool pink and purple tone. With the blessing of blue, gray and silver flashes, it is soft and beautiful. The contrasting colors are more jumpy, and the eyes can easily interpret thousands of styles.

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In addition to the color interpretation, the INTO YOU six-color eyeshadow palette of the immature series also pays attention to the texture. The soft and waxy texture like egg yolk is selected to easily create a transparent and easy-to-smudge makeup effect. Both of the two shades have a triple texture of matte, pearlescent and glassy sparkling, bringing a rich and versatile color selection experience like an egg. A single piece is eye-catching, mix and match to open the color gradation, and easily have a variety of atmospheres, whether it is daily commuting or dating banquets, you can play with different styles.

In use, use the matte color to make the base, use the delicate pearlescent color to brighten the eyes, and use the polarized glitter to make the eyes three-dimensional to have a textured eye makeup. Choose 01 egg yolk plate, No. 2 light flesh-colored base, No. 5 bright egg yolk for truncation, No. 6 orange to darken the end of the eye and lower eye, No. 3 sequins to outline the outline of the eye socket, and finally add No. 1 large glitter to brighten the lying silkworm , a yellow version of Ju Jingyi’s Y2K series of imitation makeup was quietly born. At the same time, it can also be matched with the 02 eggshell plate to create the same blue makeup look, which can easily grasp the aesthetics of Ju Jingyi’s same eye makeup.

02 The eggshell dish is also the perfect partner to create the Ju Jingyi series of makeup looks. The makeup look of the hot water series can be created with this plate. Choose No. 2 lotus root pink as a base, use No. 5 bean paste powder to smudge the end of the eyes and the lying silkworm, then use No. 3 soft pink sequins to outline the eye sockets, and brighten the lying silkworm, nose tip and brow bone, and finally darken it with low-saturated pink brown and purple The inner eyelid and the lower eyelid, an American-style boiled water makeup with a tender pink and smoky feel is completely natural.

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Inspired by eggs, INTO YOU creates an eye makeup aesthetic with the INTO YOU six-color eyeshadow palette from the Uncooked Collection. In addition to the above matching schemes, there are more color variations waiting for you to explore. It is reported that the unfamiliar series INTO YOU six-color eyeshadow palette is now new, and immediately go to the Tmall INTO YOU flagship store to explore the aesthetics of life.

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