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Understanding the Impact of Tai Sui in the Year of the Dragon

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Understanding the Impact of Tai Sui in the Year of the Dragon

This year, as the Chinese Lunar New Year approaches, many people will be looking to seek good luck and avoid disaster as they enter the Year of the Dragon. According to traditional Chinese customs, those whose zodiac signs are in conflict with Tai Sui should go to temples to “photograph Tai Sui” to ensure their fortune remains positive.

In an interview with “Looking at China,” metaphysician Mr. Feng explained that in the year Jiachen, there are four zodiac animals that violate Tai Sui: the dragon, dog, rabbit, and ox. He warned that those belonging to these zodiac signs should pay special attention to their fortune this year.

The article explains the fortune of individuals belonging to these zodiac signs, with specific advice for each sign. For example, those born in the Year of the Dragon are advised to remain alert and must pay attention to their health, while those born in the Year of the Dog will face turbulent fortunes and should plan ahead.

The article also provides guidance on the best days for “photographing Tai Sui,” the clothing and sacrifices that should be prepared, and the best time for “returning to Tai Sui” before the year ends.

Additionally, the article includes a call for 10,000 honorary members from Chinese people worldwide to support the “Look at China” website, aiming to provide independent and true key information for at least 10,000 mainland Chinese compatriots.

The advice in the article is sourced from “Look at China,” and it is made clear that reprinting in any form requires permission from the website, and it is strictly prohibited to create mirror websites.

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