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Uniqlo opened in Rome: «We will invest in Italy, it inspires our business»

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Uniqlo opened in Rome: «We will invest in Italy, it inspires our business»

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Like an ancient temple or a cathedral, the 1,300 m2 of the new Uniqlo store in Rome, the first in the capital and the second in Italy after the one opened in Milan in 2019, were also designed based on philosophical principles. Perhaps no brand like the main one of the Japanese Fast Retailing group (in fiscal year 22-23 the International division generated revenues of 1.4 trillion yen, 60% of the group’s 2.7 trillion revenues, equal to 16, 7 billion euros) is guided by very precise ideals, shared in each of its over 3,500 stores around the world as well as by each of its employees, from top management to sales staff. One of the key points of the Uniqlo philosophy is the Zen-in Keiei, for which each individual participates in the decision-making process. «The layout and management of this store are also designed in this way – explains Taku Morikawa, general manager of Uniqlo Europe -. We don’t have a single formula that we force you to follow. We adapt to different communities, their characteristics and their needs.”

So how did you adapt the Uniqlo formula to Rome?

First of all, I would like to underline that for us physical stores are fundamental, they are channels for coming into contact with people’s lives. Here we wanted to pay homage to the city with architectural elements, such as the floor that recalls the travertine of the Colosseum, and the furnishings, from the Vespa to the ivy typical of many squares, but also with collaborations with local cultural realities.

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On May 2nd you will inaugurate the second store in Milan, in Piazza Gae Aulenti. What does the Italian market represent for Uniqlo?

It has enormous potential, we will undoubtedly expand. We were eager to get here and the response has exceeded our expectations. What works in Italy inspires our entire business, globally. And it also gives us a lot of confidence to be appreciated by such fashion-sensitive customers.

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