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Unison in Song: New Year’s Concert Delights with Melody and Rhymes

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Unison in Song: New Year’s Concert Delights with Melody and Rhymes

The Melody and Elegant Rhymes Are Soaring: New Year’s Concert Delights Audience

The Lanzhou Concert Hall was filled with the harmonious sounds of orchestras playing in unison and children’s voices singing joyfully during the “Flying Music and Music” New Year Concert. The event, carefully produced by the “Little Feitian” Art Troupe of Lanzhou Children’s Palace, delighted an audience of music-loving Jincheng children on the evening of December 10th.

With a total of 270 young actors, the concert showcased a splendid New Year’s art feast that seamlessly integrated Chinese and Western musical elements. The Youth Folk Orchestra of Lanzhou Children’s Palace’s “Little Feitian” Art Troupe graced the stage at the beginning of the performance, captivating the audience with classic Chinese national music pieces such as “Flowers Are Full”, “Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon”, and “Jasmine”. Following this, the youth string orchestra performed enchanting pieces including “New Year Music” and “Chrysanthemum Terrace”.

The second half of the concert saw young actors from the Youth Choir of the “Little Feitian” Art Troupe of Lanzhou Children’s Palace moving the audience with their rendition of the classic song “Let the World Be Full of Love”. Their immature and innocent voices conveyed the impressive style of teenagers in the new era, leaving the audience deeply moved.

The unforgettable night was documented by Li Chao, chief all-media reporter of the Lanzhou Daily, who captured the magic of the evening in a stunning live photo titled “Meileya Rhymes Flying”. The performances were described as a celebration of the new year, as the strings and bamboos circled the beams, symbolizing hope and happiness for the year ahead.

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The concert was a true testament to the talent and dedication of the young actors and the mentorship of the “Little Feitian” Art Troupe. The event not only showcased the musical prowess of the children, but also provided a heartwarming and memorable experience for all in attendance.

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