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Unprocessed – …And Everything In Between

by admin
Unprocessed – …And Everything In Between

(c) Sönke Dannemann

One of the most interesting young prog bands of the last few years is playing boldly again. Unprocessed have always had a knack for complex and fascinating sounds, but recently they have oriented themselves more towards pop than ever. Catchy melodies, angry Djent broadsides and playful ambition, these ingredients marked “Gold” last year. Now traveling on my own, tracking „…And Everything In Between“ this approach even more intensively and also leaves more room than ever for internal tensions.

The opening “Hell” shows that pop is by no means synonymous with off-the-shelf goods. The rough bass tone and the deep tunings of the intro alone are disturbing, then complex rhythms and rough vocals come together. Over a funky bridge, Unprocessed move to an anthemic chorus that actually tries to be catchy without being even remotely intrusive. Even the comparatively direct, harmony-requiring “Die On The Cross Of The Martyr”, which starts off really sweetly, avoids absurd sounds and still finds room for tricky confusion even in the most radio-friendly moment.

A track like “Abysm” also shows how far the quartet has come. Yes, the electronically fueled, semi-ballad-like passages border on a shallow test of patience, but still retain an exciting, slightly jazzy peculiarity that quickly turns into latent madness… and does exactly that. Something similar, albeit much more compact, is attempted by “Thrash”, which oscillates between a big anthem and almost technoid Djent all-round swings, while the following “Blackbone” comes around the corner at exactly the right moment, bulky and effervescent, before a fine touch of sugary sweetness sets the scene really loosened up.

Confusing to crazy, that’s how you would like to sum up the Germans’ latest prank after the first few runs. Unprocessed are on the verge of complete exaggeration. However, if you take a closer look at “…And Everything In Between”, the many fine details quickly become apparent. A skilful tightrope walk that combines the need for harmony with technical expertise and high standards, torpedoes expectations with growing enthusiasm and follows a completely unique mission. Not always completely comprehensible, but always gripping and simply powerful as a grower with coarse bass tones: Unprocessed remains a guarantee for entertaining modern prog hussar rides.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: December 1st, 2023
Available via: Unprocessed (SPV)

Website: www.unprocessed.band
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Unprocessedofficial

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