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Unraveling the Complex Family Dynamics of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez: A Closer Look Through Police Videos and Reports

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Unraveling the Complex Family Dynamics of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez: A Closer Look Through Police Videos and Reports

Levy and Gutiérrez’s complex family dynamics come to light through police videos

The well-known couple formed by William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez is in the middle of a complex family and media situation after their separation, as revealed in videos and police reports released.

Tensions between the Mexican-American actress and the Cuban actor, who recently announced the end of their more than two-decade relationship, escalated to the point of involving authorities in several domestic incidents, one of which included allegations about the presence of a third person in the family home.

The breakdown of this family drama was made public by the release of videos from the cameras worn by police officers, who attended the couple’s residence on March 2, 2024, following a call made by Gutiérrez.

According to the report released by Alex Rodríguez, host of Univisión through the program Siéntese donde puede, during one of these incidents, the couple’s teenage daughter, Kailey, claimed to have identified a woman inside her father’s room and He pushed her to prevent her from seeing who it was.

Elizabeth, for her part, accused Levy of being under the influence of a substance and exposing her daughter to an inappropriate situation, while her ex-husband denied the accusations. “She is in my house and there is another woman there. [William] Something has gotten into it and he has a woman there,” Gutiérrez declared to the officers.

In the midst of the family mess, the 43-year-old actor and model is heard in the distance asking to be left alone, to which his daughter responds: “No, you leave us alone.” Likewise, after telling the agents the scene he witnessed, he added: “I want to see it, it’s my house and it’s my dad.” Kailey claimed to have seen a girl’s legs trying to enter her father’s bedroom and that he told her “I’m not like your mom.”

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“I have it blocked [en el teléfono] because he is always insulting me, he thinks I am with someone else,” Levy’s ex-wife had also detailed.

Along the same lines, Elizabeth Gutiérrez pointed out the difficult environment in which her youngest daughter has had to grow up very quickly in the midst of her parents’ lawsuit. “She has been through a lot of things, she has seen a lot of things,” she said. “I blocked it.” [en el teléfono] and he sends messages to [Kailey] y [por eso] is involved, unfortunately,” he lamented.

“She tries to protect me because she knows how I would touch me and that I wouldn’t do it to her. If she gets into a confrontation with him, she will touch me. “She doesn’t want that to happen, because she knows what that is and she doesn’t want it to happen,” the actress admitted.

Unfortunately, the critical situation also highlights the seemingly distant relationship between the actor and his daughter, with the actress alleging that Levy barely interacts with Kailey during important family events, such as her other son, Christopher’s, baseball games: “We see it twice per week at the ball game [de Christopher] and he doesn’t even look at her, he doesn’t talk to her, he doesn’t call her, he doesn’t send her messages to ask her if she has eaten, if she is okay, if she needs money.”

“So he calls at 11 at night to see how his daughter is doing,” Gutiérrez said. “Obviously something has gotten into it. He gets crazy on the weekends because he thinks I do what he does, and he gets crazy.”

Another layer of this drama reveals economic problems suggested by Elizabeth, who shared that she currently depends on the support of her family and faces difficulties after the separation. “I am living off what my family gives me,” the presenter also revealed, evidencing the material consequences. of their breakup.

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The relationship of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez has been plagued by ups and downs, marked by rumors of infidelities and temporary separations, since they met in 2002 on the reality show Protagonistas denovela. Over the years, the couple welcomed two children, Christopher and Kailey, and it’s evident that the family dynamic has been deeply affected by their recent separation.

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