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Unveiling Tong Mengshi’s Incredible Performance as Wu Zhu in ‘Celebrating greater than 2 years’

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Unveiling Tong Mengshi’s Incredible Performance as Wu Zhu in ‘Celebrating greater than 2 years’

As the youngest of Fan Xian’s six fathers, Wu Zhu performed by Tong Mengshi was “Celebrating greater than 2 years“Since he broadcast, the listeners have been eagerly ready for his look. According to Tong Mengshi, along with making use of make-up and resting, he wears an eye fixed masks 90% of the time on set. During the evening scenes, he’s virtually utterly invisible and must depend on listening to and standing to finish the efficiency. During the day, you possibly can maintain monitor of the figures when filming whereas blindfolded, however it turns into tougher at evening and requires extra photographs. This excessive interpretation methodology and efficiency issue make Wu Zhu’s character fascinating, and it particularly exams the appearing expertise of the actor.

Wu Zhu's complete adaptation of Tong Mengshi's conclusion

As a robotic, Wu Zhu could be very totally different from people when it comes to feelings, cognition and habits. When deciphering Wu Zhu, Tong Mengshi wanted to make use of exact physique management, suppression of emotional expression, and particular voice processing to current the mechanical traits of the robotic and the habits sample of the synthetic intelligence. In phrases of physique language, Tong Mengshi made the viewers perceive the non-human points of the character by means of repeated and cautious apply. Every time Wu Zhu takes a step, he’s exact and decisive, like a pointy sword popping out of its sheath, its sharpness is revealed. In phrases of language efficiency, Tong Mengshi additionally understood Wu Zhu’s character’s language frustration. Electronic sounds and voice adjustments designed to match the character enhanced the convincing energy and made the viewers fall into the play in a single second.

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Wu Zhu's complete adaptation of Tong Mengshi's conclusion

The scene that moved the viewers was the mutual belief between Wu Zhu and Fan Xian. On the evening of the marriage, Wu Zhu sneaked into Fan’s mansion to offer recommendation. Wu Zhu, who had a confused reminiscence, couldn’t even consider it himself, however selected to guard and belief Fan Xian. He is now not a mechanical one that solely obeys orders and performs duties, however a dwelling individual together with his personal ideas, emotions and selections. In phrases of emotional expression, Tong Mengshi masterfully accomplished Wu Zhu’s transition from rational to rational, sustaining the necessary traits of a robotic whereas exhibiting his face slowly evoking a human face, including human heat to the chilly and unusual world of martial arts.

Wu Zhu's complete adaptation of Tong Mengshi's conclusion

Tong Mengshi”Celebrating greater than 2 years“The portrayal of Wu Zhu’s character in “Wuzhu” exhibits a excessive stage of bodily coaching and emotional management, and has a deep understanding and evaluation of Wu Zhu’s position. Next, Tong Mengshi has “National Beauty”, “Qianqiu Order”, “The New Condor Heroes”, “Fox Demon Matchmaker”, “Young White Horse Drunken within the Spring Breeze” and “Real Hero” will probably be broadcast, which is a shock.

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