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Urgent Notice | Film Archives Art Theater Schedule Adjustment_Proceeding_Part_Fans

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Urgent Notice | Film Archives Art Theater Schedule Adjustment_Proceeding_Part_Fans

Original Title: Urgent Notice | Film Archives Art Theater Adjustments

According to the latest epidemic prevention requirements, the China Film Archive Art Theater will adjust some screenings.

There are a total of 22 performances involved, and fans’ tickets will be refunded within 7 working days, please rest assured.

in,XiaoxitianTickets need to be refunded first for some events in the store. There are a total of 14 events. The events are as follows:

November 18th 19:00 “France”

November 19th

11:00 “Close-up”

13:30“The Taste of Cherry”

16:00 “Tango Lesson”

18:30 “Sea Street Diary”

November 20th

13:40 “Where is my friend’s home”

16:00 “Life and Flow”

18:30 “The Lover Under the Olive Tree”

November 23rd18:30 “Xiaowei”

November 2519:00 “White Ribbon”

November 26th19:00 “France”

November 27th 19:30 “Prado Museum”

November 29th19:00 “Peppermint”

November 30th18:30 “Antarctic Cooker”

Xiaoxitian Art Cinema will re-issue the tickets after adjustments are made as required, and we will notify you of the ticketing time(It will take a long time for manual processing to refund tickets and re-launch, fans please wait),stay tuned.

The shows that have not been notified are currently being screened normally as originally planned. For specific shows, please refer to: The strong attack, the art theater in November is full of excitement!

Art Cinema Baiziwan store will open from this Fridaytemporarily suspendeda total of 8 games, the recovery time will be notified separately.

cancel the showThe sessions are as follows:

November 18th 19:00 “Frances Ha”

November 20th

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13:30 “Little Forest · Summer and Autumn Chapter”

16:00 “Little Forest · Winter and Spring”

November 23rd 19:00 “Red Flowers of Tianshan Mountains”

November 25 19:00 “Accident and Imagination”

November 27th

13:30 “Eight and a half”

16:15 “La Dolce Vita”

November 30th 19:00《Redflag

Follow-up screening plans, please pay attention to the official WeChat, Weibo and APP notifications of China Film Archive.

If you have any questions, you can also leave a message in the WeChat message area, and we will respond as soon as possible

Thank you for your understanding and support, and look forward to seeing you on the screen again.

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