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Variety shows popularize script kills and escape rooms to boost the explosive growth of offline physical stores jqknews

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Sha Yi grabbed the “rifle” from the extras and pointed at Huang Zitao and shouted “You are wrong.” Yang Di tried to persuade Huang Zitao to be so angry that he pointed the “rifle” at himself “I don’t want to live anymore.” The powerful Naying was also so angry that Huang Zitao burst into tears…In the reality show “Meng Tan Tan Tan An”, a few “rookie pecking” guests quarreled over who is an undercover agent, making countless “famous scenes”. . In the latest episode broadcast recently, Huang Zitao, who sincerely trusted Sun Honglei, was accused of being an “undercover” by the former and almost collapsed… The audience also spontaneously went online Amway and let “Meng Tan Tan Tan Tang” 》Achieved a good score of 74.24 in the vlinkage network variety show broadcast index that day.

In recent years, the puzzle-solving reality show and the reasoning reality show represented by “Escape the Chamber” and “Star Detective” have become evergreens in the variety show field, and at the same time, they have turned a large number of viewers into fans of such games. After the popularization of these variety shows and market cultivation, a customer group with great interest in solving puzzles and reasoning in the real scene has been formed, which has led to the explosive growth of related offline physical stores, and has become the cultural industry to stimulate the development of the real economy. Proof.

  Brain-burning, stimulating reasoning and puzzle-solving variety shows are very popular

“Playing a secret room game is like you are in a movie, not just watching a movie.” As a resident guest of “Escape Room”, although Deng Lun is often scared and screamed by the atmosphere in the secret room, he is also He has helped the team to solve complex puzzles many times and has become an indispensable strength in this variety show, and his description accurately summarizes the most attractive part of this type of game is “immersion.”

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In an escape room game, you need not only smart minds to solve the ingeniously designed puzzles, but also agile athletes to break through the many structures, and more need to be bold and dedicated “tanks” to walk in front of the team. To give courage to the companions, the guests in the team have their own strengths and help each other, and there are often scenes of “group soul burning”. But in the reasoning reality show like “Celestial Detective”, it is another situation. Because the “murderer” is hidden around, the guests do not trust each other and suspect each other. Everyone has to go through the process of searching for evidence and reasoning. The cocoon draws silk to find out the “true culprit”. The common feature of these variety shows is that the audience and the guests have the same clues and perspectives, and will invest in the exploration of puzzles as the show progresses, especially for many young people who grew up watching “White Night” and playing the game of Werewolf. For the audience, these brain-burning links of reasoning and solving puzzles are completely in their favor.

Paying attention to social reality in the theme content setting is also one of the reasons why “Star Detective” and “Escape Room” are well received. For example, the “Secret of 404” story in the second season of “Escape Room” tells that artificial intelligence replaces the deceased mother to take care of her daughter. The family affection is touching, and the social ethical issues involved are even more thought-provoking; The sixth season of “Big Detective” “Worry Grocery Store” pays attention to the topic of depression, reminding people not to habitually pass negative emotions such as sadness and sadness to the closest people around them. In addition, these variety shows also involve a wide range of topics such as animal protection, environmental protection, domestic violence, etc., allowing the audience to re-examine and think about these serious social topics while laughing, and thus obtain good audience reviews. For example, the sixth season of “Celestial Detective”, which closed not long ago, had an online score of 9 points, and the third season of “Escape Room”, which returned in May, also had a good start with an online score of 7.4.

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  What is the scale of the real economy industry cultivated by variety shows?Expected to reach 17 billion yuan in 2021

The offline gameplays of “Star Detective” and “Escape Room” are script kill and escape room. They have certain gameplay thresholds, and they are originally relatively niche. However, through the popularization and promotion of these variety shows, a large number of viewers have been converted into fans of such games, and the new offline entertainment demand has also spawned a large number of related physical stores, which has become a successful case of cultural industry empowering the real economy.

It would be a shame not to experience it by myself watching the guests having such fun in the variety show. Especially if you can’t reason and solve puzzles in the real scene, how can you talk about true “immersion”? As more and more viewers flood into offline stores, related industries are also showing explosive growth.

Take script-killing as an example, despite the impact of the epidemic in 2020, according to the “China‘s Script-killing Industry Development Status and Market Research Analysis Report in 2021″ released by iResearch, the industry as a whole still achieves a 7% growth rate against the trend, and it is expected The growth rate in 2021 will return to 45%, and the market size will reach 17.02 billion yuan.

Meituan Data also released related reports. As of the end of 2020, there have been more than 30,000 script-killing stores across the country, an increase of 18,000 compared to 2019. Most of these stores are located in first-tier cities. Among them, there are more than 2,000 stores in Beijing and more than 1,500 in Shanghai.

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In addition to being addicted to solving crimes and adventurously solving mysteries, many people have also expanded their social space through offline script killing and room escape. Players who don’t know each other get to know each other through verbal confrontation or through concerted efforts to pass customs, and they also gain friendship, so they are very popular among young people. According to data provided by the Meituan Research Institute, 83.86% of script-killing players are 20-35 years old, 10.33% of players are 35-50 years old, and other age groups account for less than 6%. In order to show that they are “high play” after several script kills or escape rooms, some players actively encourage new players to join. According to relevant statistics, the repurchase rate of script-killing players on Meituan is as high as 70%. (Reporter Wei Zhong)

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