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Vegan activists were thrown out by riders at a horse exhibition in La Rural

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Vegan activists were thrown out by riders at a horse exhibition in La Rural

a dozen of vegan activists interrupted carrying out an activity of the exhibition “Our Horses” at the fairgrounds The Rural of the City of Buenos Aires, upon unexpectedly entering the track where an exhibition was taking place to put up signs that said “It’s not culture, it’s violence”, “Veganism or animal abuse” and “Animal Liberation”.

As in similar protests, there were moments of strain when several of the Riders began to chase the protesters with their horses, the agency stated Telam.

Besides, Several people from the organization entered to try to remove the flags and, in this way, get them to leave.; while the audience applauded and cheered every time this came to fruition.

On the other hand, in the images that were spread last Saturday on social networks, it was not seen that the activists were beaten back, as happened other times, or that they were beaten.

“Please relax, let’s all relax, Don’t hit anyone, please, don’t hurt anyone, please, let them leave in peace.“, was heard meanwhile over loudspeakers.

The exhibition “Our Horses” in La Rural

The exhibition “Our Horses” that began last Thursday and concludes this Sunday in Rural, It is promoted as “the scene of national exhibitions of all breeds in Argentinawith the participation of the most important cabins and breeders in the country and the region”.

Gauchos vs. vegans or the supremacy of the ukulele

The event’s website describes this edition with the following numbers: “100 exhibitors, 3,000 breeders, 1,000 horses in action, 80,000 visitors.”

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The vegan protests

Among the background of this protesttells what happened on August 29, 2019 when about forty animal defenders burst in during an awards ceremony at the Palermo Rural Exhibition that year with signs that said “Stop killing animals.”

Gauchos kicked out vegan activists from La Rural with “horses”

On that occasion, They were kicked out and threatened with bullies, which generated expressions of repudiation on social networks.

One of the last demonstrations of the vegan movement against this type of events took place at the end of September last year in the Buenos Aires town of San Miguel, where a group of young people broke into an exhibition of gaucho skills to protest against animal abuse.


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