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Velvet Viper – Nothing Compares To Metal – Album Review

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Velvet Viper – Nothing Compares To Metal – Album Review

Velvet Viper – Nothing Compares To Metal
Origin: Germany
Release: 21.07.2023
Label: Massacre Records
Duration: 01:05:51 CD / 49:01 LP
Genre: Heavy Metal

Photo credit: Volker Wilke

The motto of the album and the attitude of Velvet Viper are already titled Nothing Compares To Metal manifested. The foursome don’t let anything burn in this direction and so we hear from the first note that they mean this statement quite seriously and have implemented it musically.

So there are no experiments on the sixth album, but little surprises and consistently euphonious music for the ears of the Heavy Metal addict.

Start with an earworm

The opener Nothing Compares To Metal is really perfect and makes a lot of steam. The chorus gives us a lasting catchy tune that you guys love HERE can pick up in the lyric video. In terms of sound, the album convinces from the start. All instruments are presented cleanly and sound differentiated. In addition, the familiar, unchanged voice of Jutta Weinhold.

Velvet Viper don’t make it easy for yourself and pull out all the stops. An album is primarily for private listening pleasure at home, but the live feeling was also considered. The second number Invisible Danger comes along lightly and has a nice sing-along chorus, which should probably bring this song into the live setlist. It’s going to be dark and gloomy Urd Wardande School. A squirming, almost doomy song about the Norse story about Yggdrasil, the world tree.

On different paths to metal

The three songs at the beginning all resonate Velvet Viper and yet are three metallic ways to express yourself. It’s so variable throughout the album. The program sounds diverse and is completed by lyrics that deal with mysticism, the world of legends and of course human emotions.

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It’s mystical, for example Blood On The Moon with stories about blood moon and werewolf too. The song is multi-layered, contains skilful breaks and a background choir with Indian heja eja calls. On the other hand, there is also an emotional piece set to music like Speak Truth To Power. Of course it must also be mentioned that in every song Holger Marx gets a solo part on the guitar. All of this combined creates traditional Heavy Metal as we want to hear it.

In search of the differences

Now you can see that the digital and the CD version of the album contain eleven songs with about 65 minutes, while for reasons of playing time on the LP there are only eight songs with 49 minutes. As a vinyl lover, one wonders whether the CD was filled with songs from the second row.

You have to contradict this idea immediately, because you don’t want to do without any of the three compositions. Heroic Hearts is fast and melodic. New World Child gambles loosely and features a sing-along chorus and profound lyrics.

It’s time to break new ground

Nevertheless it up Nothing Compares To Metal musically there are no strays or attempts to leave the genre, Jutta and her fellow campaigners finally dared to do something.
With The time comes there is a composition with German text. A first for the band, but actually nothing reprehensible or unusual to sing in his mother tongue. But in Heavy Metal everything is a bit more rigid because of the supposed Mayhem and the English language tradition.

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If you listen to the intense and emotionally mature song, then there is no reason to never again doubt singing a song in German. So it hurts twice that The time comes is not included on the vinyl. Maybe we should grab the CD and ask the record company again why the entertaining eleven songs with 65 minutes weren’t good for a double LP.

Velvet Viper are true to themselves musically and offer up Nothing Compares To Metal over an hour exclusively high-quality. Despite the fact that the first part of the album is particularly strong, you don’t want to do without any song from the second half. With three more successful pieces, the supposedly unpopular CD can become a lucky charm for many. 8,5 / 10

Line Up
Jutta Weinhold – vocals
Micha Fromm – drums
Holger Marx – guitar, vocals
Johannes Horas Möllers – bass guitar, vocals

01. Nothing Compares To Metal
02. Invisible Danger
03. Urd Ward School
04. Blood On The Moon
05. Speak Truth To Power
06. Sorcerer’s Apprentice
07. Heroic Hearts (CD only)
08. Rise From The Fallen
09. The 4th Part
10. New World Child (CD only)
11. The Time Is Coming (CD Only)

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