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Venchi Hosts ‘Wandering the Classics, Encountering Inspiration’ Brand Event in Shanghai

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Venchi Hosts ‘Wandering the Classics, Encountering Inspiration’ Brand Event in Shanghai

Venchi Hosts Extravagant Italian Feast Inspired by Chocolate in Shanghai Brand Event

SHANGHAI – On November 24, the luxurious Italian chocolate brand Venchi held a brand event with the theme of “Wandering the Classics, Encountering Inspiration” at Boheng 55 in Shanghai. The event presented an Italian feast inspired by chocolate, showcasing the brand’s 145-year history in an artistic way.

The event featured the brand’s co-founder and brand ambassador, Mr. GB Mantelli, who led a team of Italian chefs to bring a special chocolate-themed dinner to the guests. The evening commenced with a speech from Mr. Marco Galimberti, CEO of Venchi Asia Pacific, who delivered warm wishes to the attendees.

The event was designed to be a sensory experience, with an “Inspiration Gallery” as the creative source, where chocolate and art seamlessly merged. Venchi’s classic orange color set the warm, bright, romantic, and passionate Italian atmosphere, successfully integrating profound chocolate making knowledge and Italian life aesthetics.

Attendees were able to explore Venchi’s historical journey through an exhibition hall which showcased historical gift boxes from the brand’s long legacy and introduced newly launched Baroque series gift boxes and book-shaped gift boxes. The “inspiration corridor” and “inspiration garden” displayed giant Venchi book-shaped gift box art installations, while also offering two delicious cocktails and Italian tea breaks.

As night fell, Mr. GB Mantelli and his team of Italian chefs presented a mouthwatering four-course dinner which included low-temperature hard-boiled eggs with Wenqi Ji Anduja chocolate and white truffles, Wenqi cocoa tortellini with eggplant filling and pumpkin soup, oil-soaked mosaic pork chops with Wenqi chocolate sauce, and creative desserts to cap off the “Night of Passion”.

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In a particularly memorable moment, Mr. GB Mantelli surprised the guests by presenting a unique tasting experience, pairing five vermouths with five of Venchi’s choice chocolates, creating a delightful collision of flavors.

Since its founding in 1878, Venchi has been committed to bringing Italian living culture to the world, creating daily moments of joy worth sharing. The brand event in Shanghai served as an opportunity for Venchi to share its 145-year history with its guests and showcase the craftsmanship and brilliance that is at the heart of the brand.

As the evening concluded, Venchi expressed its commitment to continuing to use its “meaning” technique in the future, creating products that amaze the world and promote a healthy and beautiful lifestyle across the globe.

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