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Venice Biennale, thousands of artists call for the exclusion of Israel

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Venice Biennale, thousands of artists call for the exclusion of Israel

The art world is calling for Israel’s exclusion from the next Venice Biennale, scheduled from April 20 to November 24. «No to the Genocide Pavilion at the Biennale», states the request, presented in these hours by over 7 thousand people including artists, curators and cultural workers, in a letter sent to the Foundation of the exhibition. The signatories of the letter also include Palestine Museum Us. In the meantime, the project for the Italian Pavilion for the International Art Exhibition was presented to the Ministry of Culture, a sound and environmental installation by the artist Massimo Bartolini, who returns to the Biennale after his participation in 2013.

An idea «that gives supremacy to listening rather than to the visual, listening is sensitive to everything that is around you, the visual only to what is in front of you – he said – Dialectics has brought us this far, now maybe it’s time to emancipate yourself, to implement. The project talks about these things, I hope that a small drop of wonder can pass through everyone who sees it.” «Due qui/To Hear», a play on words that immediately suggests the concept of listening, proposes a potentially circular itinerary of the Pavilion, with two figures that act as ideal introductions to the spaces and the project: the trees of the Giardino delle Vergini and a Thoughtful Bodhisattva.

«These two figures have to do in some way with a sense of immobility and inaction – explained Luca Cerizza, curator of the project – Both represent a possibility of a deeper relationship”. Around them and with them the works that open and I close

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«It is a large construction modeled on a reference to Italian baroque culture – he continued – To build a path where the spectator and visitor moves in search of a point of balance». On the musical front, the young composers Caterina Barbieri and Kali Malone and one of the most important musicians of experimental music of the last fifty years, Gavin Bryars (together with his son Yuri Bryars), will contribute to Bartolini’s sound works.

The Italian Pavilion, created by the Ministry of Culture also thanks to the contribution of Tod’s and Banca Ifis as partners and sponsors, is our country’s calling card at the Art Biennale. An event that «is the truly great Italian cultural institution, it is the projection of Italy into the world of our ideas and our contents. It has been so in the past and will become more and more so in the future – highlighted the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano – It becomes a great opportunity to promote our culture but also an opportunity in which to establish relationships, develop projects and develop ideas. Even more so considering the 170 million euro investment envisaged by the complementary plan that accompanies the Pnrr, this money which «will allow us to have a new Biennial from an infrastructural point of view which can then be filled with important contents», assured Sangiuliano.

Sangiuliano: “Let’s think about a law that helps young booksellers in the suburbs. You eat with culture” 26 February 2024

«The diktat of those who believe they are the custodian of the truth and with arrogance and hatred think they threaten freedom of thought and creative expression in a democratic and free nation like Italy is unacceptable, as well as shameful. Israel not only has the right to express its art but has the duty to bear witness to its people precisely in a moment like this in which it has been hit hard by merciless terrorists – added the Minister of Culture -. This will always be a space of freedom, meeting and dialogue and not a space of censorship and intolerance.”

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