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Verstappen also won in China, and the others said they “will continue to participate”

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Verstappen also won in China, and the others said they “will continue to participate”

Overwhelming, crushing, almost invinciblethe three-time champion and leader of the Formula 1 world championship, Max Verstappen (Red Bull), also won this Sunday Chinese Grand Prixin the return of the top category to the Asian giant since 2019.

Verstappen started from pole position on the Shanghai track, and overtook the Briton with the usual comfort this time. Lando Norris (McLaren), who managed to overtake Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate, the Mexican Sergio Checo Pérez (3º).

It was the 58th Grand Prix victory for the current triple world champion, just 26 years old, and the fourth of five this season, which puts him on track for his fourth world title.

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There is no way to catch up to Max Verstappen’s Red Bull. In China he once again dominated at will. (AFP PHOTO)

In front of full and animated stands on the return of Formula 1 to China after five years of absence due to the covid-19 pandemic, Nothing disturbed Verstappen’s imperial march towards victory, not even the intervention of two safety cars mid-race.

“The sensations were incredible (…) the car was on rails, I could do everything I wanted,” The Dutchman celebrated naturally, who had also won the sprint race on Saturday, a light version of the main grand prix that seems incorporated to see if they ever get a photo of a podium with another face, because with the relentless Dutchman every Sunday the rating will inexorably end up going down

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Norris, happy

Behind, Norris’s McLaren slipped between the two Red Bulls, a true feat these days, offering the British team its best classification so far this season. “I didn’t expect it,” Norris reacted after reaching the finish line. “I was surprised by many things: the lack of pace of the Ferraris, our good pace, our face to face with the Red Bulls…”.

In the drivers’ championship, Verstappen already has a cushion of 25 points over his teammate Sergio Pérez.

It was not the best day for the Ferraris, that it was expected that on this circuit they could fight for the podium, but they were in 4th and 5th position, with the Monegasque Charles Leclerc ahead of the Spanish Carlos Sainz.

“Honestly, we have not been very fast this weekend,” Sainz lamented to the cameras of the Spanish broadcaster DAZN. “In the race we expected to do better (…), this type of circuit is the one that has cost us the most so far.”

The other Spaniard on the grill, Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin), finished seventh, after an incredible comeback in the final laps from 12th position. The Asturian also took the extra point for having achieved the lap record.

“We finished ahead of (Lewis) Hamilton and (Oscar) Piasti, things that are not normal. I think we have a car a second slower than the McLarens and the Ferraris, and we managed to be fighting with them in the race, so very happy”, the former champion pointed out with his usual sympathy to DAZN.

Hamilton and another Sunday to forget

Alonso with his Aston Martin encouraged the start, overtaking Pérez and putting himself in parallel with Verstappen, but once Max got rid of that initial attack by the Spaniard, He did not feel threatened again in the rest of the race.

The distance that the Dutchman had accumulated with respect to his pursuers disappeared with the intervention of the safety car on lap 24 due to mechanical problems in the Sauber of Finnish Valtteri Bottas.

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The Dutch make a cult of sobriety. And at only 26 years old, his dominance has no ceiling in sight. (AFP PHOTO)

At the restart of the race, there was a new incident: the Canadian Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) hit the rear of the Australian’s Racing Bulls Daniel Ricciardowhile the Danish Kevin Magnussen (Haas) also hit the Japanese Yuki Tsunoda (Racing Bulls).

Result: a second consecutive safety car, which did not, however, affect Verstappen’s supremacy.

The one who had a Sunday to forget was the British Lewis Hamilton, who started from 18th position, and even benefiting from that chaos of accidents, he could only finish ninth. At least that brought them some points, but after five races, the only thing certain about the Mercedes this season is that so far they do not seem to be able to offer resistance to the overwhelming Red Bulls.

But the Chinese public celebrated with flags and only had eyes for Zhou Guanyua native of Shanghai and first driver from his country to race in Formula 1 in China. At the wheel of a shy Sauber, the young Chinese who arrived at the F! in 2022 this time he finished in 14th position.

Despite this, they let him park behind the first three finishers, in front of the main stand. and he got out of his car in a flood of tears from emotion, while he was acclaimed by thousands of fans.

It was the most exciting thing of the evening.


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