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Vertical screen to watch Youth CCTV’s new IP “This summer of young” shows the attitude of youth jqknews

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Vertical screen to watch Youth CCTV’s new IP “This summer of young” shows the attitude of youth jqknews
The hot youth is related to summer. In the season of fire, youth will bloom into all kinds of splendor. The live web program “This Young Summer – 2022 Summer Song Party” jointly launched by CCTV, the Arts Program Center, the General Manager’s Office, and CCTV Entertainment Media, the host and singers gathered this summer, In the form of a vertical screen with zero distance and strong focus, the splendid music dream is released, and the splendor of youth becomes a chapter. One after another, the songs of youth inspire every young person to work hard, shoulder the mission of the times, and continue to move towards the future.

Times are different, but youth is the same. “Summer of this young” uses youth songs spanning several generations to show the youthful style of each generation’s unremitting struggle, and gives the program a sense of depth from the span of time and space; in terms of the program setting, it is fully loaded in a novel form with a full sense of the Internet. With sincere feelings, the overall relaxation of the show is refreshing and refreshing. In the summer night outdoors, under the stars, the music plays, and each audience finds their own youthful years in it.

After the program was broadcast, the live broadcast received a total of 32.232 million views, 1.687 billion topic views on the entire network, 138 million video views, and 111 hot search lists on the entire network. Many netizens praised, “They are not singing songs, but the youth we have gone through! The feeling of this young is too advanced!” “There is that kind of summer outdoor, where three or five friends get together to play, sing and laugh, I feel. Watched it from start to finish!”

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 Classics gather to sing the song of youth, laugh about youth and interpret the background of struggle

For example, in the youth of the 1980s, in a new era full of opportunities, “No More Hesitation” waved to the ideal with the mentality of “not being beaten to death”, and it was also the song “Story of Time” played and sung with a guitar on the green campus; The passion and blood of “We’ll Be Old Without Crazy” in the 1990s is also the sonorous and courageous singing of “The Lonely Brave” in the 1900s… This is an immersive collective memory and collective co-creation. The program invited Xiao Ke, Lao Lang, Ye Shirong of BEYOND Band and other post-80s memories, Li Jian, Li Yuchun, Xiao Jingteng, Pu Shu, Zhou Shen and other post-90s youth, as well as tour band, landlord’s cat, Beijing Angels Choir Waiting for the love of the post-00s, we will join hands with the hosts of the main station to go to youth with the audience, so that online audiences of different ages can integrate into the music and programs and achieve empathy.

Vertical screen to watch Youth CCTV's new IP

Just as Sa Beining said in the show: “A lot of music, when it sounds, you will find out how deeply it takes root in your heart.” The hosts used the song as a guide to talk about campus stories and youth growth. , Talking and laughing are stories of youth from different eras, the struggle and responsibility of the same strain. “Summer of this young” is precisely through the careful and ingenious content setting, using music to open up the youthful memories and feelings of the times for generations. With the content setting with a strong sense of rhythm, the audience loves to hear the classic feelings and innovative interactions, showing the youth The brightest background of struggle also interprets the key to eternal youth, which is the struggle spirit and youth responsibility displayed in different eras.

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  “Same Field” explores new artistic expressions, “Interactive” vertical screen viewing shortens the distance

“Summer of this young” has innovatively upgraded the presentation form of program arrangement, stage installation, audio-visual effects, etc. It can be called an online audio-visual feast of “immersion, same-sense, and interactivity”. What is commendable is that the entire performance uses music to tell the life stories of different generations, convey the emotions of each generation of young people, and make the music itself a bridge connecting the guests and netizens. The strong social attributes of online performances with CCTV as the media platform have evoked the collective memories of youth in different age groups, and gained widespread resonance and empathy. In addition, “Summer of Young” has innovated and upgraded the highly focused vertical screen form, shortened the sense of distance with netizens, improved the user’s viewing experience, and made new explorations for the development of the literary and art industry in the new era.

Vertical screen to watch Youth CCTV's new IP

CCTV has achieved a new practice of literary and artistic creation that is praised for the times with new technologies and innovative means. Adhering to the concept of upholding integrity and innovation, we will show new actions and new atmosphere in the new era and new journey. “Summer of this young” uses music to convey the attitude of youth, which not only highlights the new appearance of contemporary youth, but also inspires contemporary youth to forge ahead in the new era. Not only that, CCTV has made great achievements in cultivating vertical tracks in recent years, and has launched a series of high-quality products in terms of media integration innovation. CCTV has always been leading the value of mainstream media, and is incubating to create more innovative and creative head IP. In 2022 alone, CCTV’s “VR Winter Olympics” product and “Digital Snowflake” interactive activities launched during the Winter Olympics are impressive; the new media special program “UP Youth” during the May Fourth period opened the “Cloud Youth Show”. ”, capturing the hearts and minds of young users with innovative forms and easy lens expressions.

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Vertical screen to watch Youth CCTV's new IP

Wide field of vision, good topic selection, new content and lively form. CCTV implements the four standards with an endless stream of good programs, impresses the audience with innovation, spreads mainstream values ​​with rich content, makes the audience love it, and leads the new media trend with continuous innovation. In the future, CCTV will also convey the voice of youth in a more novel form of expression, show the attitude of youth, and form a more diverse and three-dimensional voice of youth. (Li Wen)

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