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Vesuvio Solo releases ‘Personal Angel’ | Niche Music

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Vesuvio Solo releases ‘Personal Angel’ | Niche Music

Vesuvio Solo, an alternative pop duo based in Montreal, Canada, has released their new single ‘Personal Angel’, released on April 18th!

Vesuvio Solo is a duo of Thom Gillies (ex-TOPS, Exit Someone) and Cameron MacLean (Cam MacLean).

This is their second new song since their 2016 masterpiece “Don’t Leave Me In The Dark,” which they released in January this year. The characteristic 80’s sound is still alive and well, and I feel like it has a psychedelic feel to it.

Also, I’m really looking forward to hearing that they’re planning to release a new album with Rene Wilson as producer soon.

Posted on 2024.04.22

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