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Vietnam has virtual VJ, virtual singer: Catching up with world trends

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Vietnam has virtual VJ, virtual singer: Catching up with world trends

Virtual reality artist models have become increasingly popular in the entertainment industry in recent years. Some major music markets such as Korea, China, Japan or the US have all had success with the launch of virtual idols whose appearance, personality and actions mimic humans. Vietnam is also not an exception to that trend when in turn introducing to the public virtual singers such as Ann, Michau, Damsan or Billboard Vietnam with virtual VJ Aura.

Ann – a versatile virtual artist, has a professional management company and a long-term roadmap

According to the founder’s share, Ann is not only encapsulated in the role of a virtual singer but also can act in movies, fashion shows, act in advertisements or participate in entertainment shows. On March 14, the first music product from her called “How Sao Say Thuong Anh” was officially released. This virtual artist has a soft, feminine look with a voice created by combining various vocalists in the company, then further processed to meet vocal standards. In addition, the team also uses additional sounds such as breathing, taking human breath to bring a feeling of authenticity.

Ann is not only a virtual singer, but can also take on many other roles.

The founder affirmed that Ann is a long-term project, taking music as the core. This virtual artist can organize shows, perform and interact with audiences without being affected by health, age or skill problems. In particular, a virtual artist like her will not be entangled in private life scandals. In the near future, the team will hold live concerts exclusively for Ann using volumetric hologram technology – a type of hologram that allows viewers to see details from all angles, just like looking at a real object. .

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Before Ann, two virtual singers Michau and Damsan also made the audience excited with their debut at the Ho Do International Music Festival 2022 taking place in Ho Chi Minh City last year. Both are shaped by hologram projection technology with the vocals processed from the recordings of real singers, then converted into virtual sounds. However, the identities of the artists behind Michau or Damsan are not made public.

Aura – Vietnam’s first virtual reality VJ

Virtual reality VJ Aura was introduced to the public by Billboard Vietnam from the beginning of 2023. This is the character that accompanies the audience every time the results of the Billboard Vietnam music charts are announced. Aura was born with the help of special equipment including a specialized outfit to record all body movements including fingers and a hat with a camera to capture all the beautiful expressions. facial gestures. Therefore, the image quality, sound as well as the ability to interact with Aura when appearing on the screen become extremely vivid and true.

VJ virtual reality AURA
Aura is the first virtual reality VJ in Vietnam with the task of introducing to the audience the weekly chart of Billboard Vietnam.

Besides her vivacious demeanor, flexible movements, and lovely appearance with personality pink hair, AURA also impresses viewers with its natural, witty and fast “trending” leadership. As the first virtual reality VJ in Vietnam, she even knows a lot of choreography and is ready to show off her dancing skills whenever she hears her favorite song. Therefore, in addition to the new results for the charts, many viewers also watch the Billboard Vietnam Chart Show every Thursday at 11 am to meet this “1-0-2” VJ.

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As factors that are still very new in the Vietnamese market, virtual singers or virtual VJs will need a long time to conquer the audience and become successful. Because besides the advantages such as perfect appearance, flawless vocals and choreography, or a clean private life, the major disadvantages of virtual artists are that they cannot interact directly with the audience and are quite expensive. to invest and maintain. However, this is also a new breeze that makes the market more diverse and interesting. The appearance of virtual artists is also expected to contribute to requiring real artists to work harder to be able to compete with perfect “colleagues”.

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