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Volvo returns home, the Swedish company is buying back the Geely shares

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BERLIN – To amaze when others, partners or rivals, when they least expect it is typical of Swedish and Nordic genius in general. This is what is happening in the case of Volvo. With a courageous decision of a historic European challenge to China, unprecedented in the world of the car and industry in general.

The excellent premium car manufacturer headquartered in Gothenburg and with Hakan Samuelsson as number one, is buying back those face parts owned by the majority shareholder since 2020, the Chinese car giant of the Dragon Geely, and that’s not all : Volvo is also acquiring control of its manufacturing facilities in China, which no European manufacturer, not even Mercedes or Volkswagen, has ever dared to do.

Come home, Volvo, in short. And Polestar returns home, just as the Swedish brand proceeds to forced gears like perhaps no other manufacturer in the transition to the production of electric vehicles only in the short term, and as we will see, it is also burning the stages of clean propulsion technologies in other sectors, such as Important and highly advanced military industry of the realm of the three crowns, in which Volvo participates with a separate section from the car, less known but no less important and where the Chinese have never been allowed to enter, nor other important foreign brands. You never know.

The repurchase procedure is as follows. Volvo is exploring the capital market to launch a possible IPO on its shares in the hands of Geely. And with the strength of the economy and the healthy Swedish sovereign budget behind it, it has excellent tricks up its sleeve. And that’s not all: it will purchase another, additional 50 percent of Daqing Volvo and Shanghai Volvo research and development, it will also strengthen its proprietary and premium seller presence in the all-important Chinese market in other ways. De facto depriving the hierarchs of the Chinese Communist Party, who are celebrating the first hundred years of their party with strict repressive and pompous ceremonies in the North Korean style. In Gothenburg, and in the midst of government and Defense Staff in Stockholm, we are dealing with something else, a real peaceful war of liberation of national excellence and global players.

The operation will start next year when contractual obligations to carry out some productions together expire and will be completed in 2023. The protocols are signed, and then Volvo and Geely for love or force from the Chinese point of view will study how to carry out cooperation after divorce.

As mentioned Volvo in addition to the car sector also flies in the Volvo Flygmotor branch, aviation engines, where it produces the futuristic, very powerful clean turbofans of the semi-invisible Swedish bisonic superfighters Gripen, capable of flying with eco-fuels and biofuels and operating from grassy runways. , and Volvo Sjömotor, marine engines. The pride there are the clean turbines for the Visby corvettes of the Swedish navy and even more the clean electric and very silent engines of the new submarines with which Stockholm defends itself from the continuous intrusions and provocations of Putin.


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