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Wado de Pedro and Scioli already activate their presidential campaigns in Neuquén for the 2023 elections

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Wado de Pedro and Scioli already activate their presidential campaigns in Neuquén for the 2023 elections

While the Frente de Todos continues without defining its presidential formula, in Neuquén campaigns are already activated for different candidates. One week after the deadline to present alliances, on June 14, everything seems to indicate that there will be an inmate of the ruling party. In it they would participate Daniel Sciolifor which they already collect guarantees from Zapala, and Edward “Wado” of Peterwhich has the support of the Big Front.

Scioli, the current ambassador of Argentina in Brazil, claims his right to be a candidate despite the fact that a part of the force that integrates promotes a unity candidacy. In this context, this morning a guarantee collection campaign from the provincial table “Scioli president 2023 Neuquén” so that the official can apply together with the Minister of Social Development of the Nation, Victoria Tolosa Paz.

The action is Commanded by Eduardo “Dady” Rubiopresident of Aluvión 21, an association from Zapala who has shown support for governor-elect Rolando Figueroa.

It is also promoted by Juan Carlos Cabreramember of the table for Neuquén capital, who stressed that “Patagonia also says present in this hour of definitions.”

“We have been loyal to this militant work since 2013 together with the Descartes Group, referenced in the former Minister of Labor of the province of Buenos Aires, Oscar “Cacho” Cuartango, and we add the will of colleagues from different parts of the province who are political cadres in their territories to accompany this new possible utopia,” Rubio explained in a release.

Support for Wado de Pedro from Neuquén, for the 2023 elections

the deputy Soledad Martínez, reference of the Frente Grande de Neuquénexplained the position they took on the national elections in “Ya es tiempo” by RÍO NEGRO RADIO.

He indicated that they were part of the National Assembly that was held last Saturday in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in which it was defined that all the space would stand behind the candidacy of Wado de Pedro.

«The Great National Front It is a party aligned with the leadership of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and in tune with his political proposal, that it is these generations or we are these generations that assume responsibility for the political challenges of the coming Argentina, “he explained about the decision.

Regarding the debates that are taking place regarding the candidacies, he clarified that, in his opinion, it is part of «the complexities of a front space». He recognized that one must wait until June 24, which is the deadline to submit lists because there may still be changes and he clarified that each province can also have its own army.

Listen to Deputy Soledad Martínez in “Vos Al Aire” by RÍO NEGRO RADIO:

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