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Walter Cortés said he was an “ally” of Weretilneck and proposed the axes for his management in Bariloche

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Walter Cortés said he was an “ally” of Weretilneck and proposed the axes for his management in Bariloche

Walter Cortés focused his speech opening of sessions of the Deliberative Council andn the objectives for your first year in officewith a broad overview and without mentioning the adjustment policies of President Javier Milei, the mayor of Bariloche referred to Governor Alberto Weretilneck as an “ally” with whom he seeks to “build a healthy friendship.”

Cortés extended his opening speech to councilors, municipal officials, invited legislators and the mayor of Dina Huapi, Hugo Cobarrubia, for an hour. There were no provincial authorities, but he thanked the governor directly, and He read a large part of his intervention breaking down each axis he proposed, but he also improvisedalluding ironically to the few applauses he received “as if they were at a wake” and thanked the public who followed his words from the Council patio where a giant screen and chairs were placed.

When referring to Weretilneck said he feels “an ally. Not just in strategic terms, I’m talking about building a healthy friendshipthat through collaboration will make us improve ourselves as rulers, as men of the people, with a single objective: our people, among whom we will walk every day of our mandate, and to whom we will return, when it ends,” he expressed at the closing. of his speech that lasted until around 11:30.

With references to the “holy scriptures”, to José Hernández and Martín Fierro, the mayor of Bariloche He asked businessmen and councilors to “help” him meet his objectivesone of them the transfer of the public administration to the Upper part of the city.

Claim to businessmen

Cortes promised obtain capital gains from each venture that takes resources from the citywith repeated accusations that there are foreign people with large profits who do not leave their contribution to the community: “There is a lot of money that needs to be found (…) companies that work like vacuum cleaners“, he claimed.

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He further claimed that hired local labor and in return offered discounts on the payment of the commercial taxand promised to focus on training young people so that they have priority in the jobs generated in local companies.

Among the public were from the private sector the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Hernán Lagar and the president of the Business Federation, Leonardo Marcasciano, but There were no leaders from the tourism or hotel sector. The mayor referred to the latter when announcing that his measures will include require that they install sewage treatment plants for each hotel in the western zoneto avoid the discharge of crude oil into the lakes or the saturation of the collector.

Garbage dump outside the city

He also spoke directly to Cobarrubia, his Dinahuapan counterpart, to whom he asked to work together to move the Bariloche garbage dumpcreate a model waste treatment plant so that the material comes out compacted and encourage the separation of household waste.

Cortés mentioned today’s incident in which a sector of the garbage dump caught fire. “Whenever we change the company or when overtime is not paid, there are strange hands that burn the landfill“, he stated and said that since he took office, the perimeter fence was installed 4 times, which was stolen each time.

Transportation review

He also announced the review of the urban passenger transport contract, which is concessioned to the company Mi Bus, because the 70% of the costs are provided by the State with subsidies. “It is necessary to change, redefine the contractual terms and make the costs transparent”, he said and reiterated that each passenger “will have to pay something, except students under 18 years of age.” With this premise he alluded to the fact that he will relaunch some cut to the school ticket, which he had applied weeks ago – with the reduction of benefits and the removal of free tuition for the university and tertiary sector – and then rolled back.

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Regarding transportation, he also announced that will deliver more taxi licenses and remisesand will enable other transportation systems with proper vehicles.

He also indicated that he will prioritize a asphalt plan for the streets of the urban transport route and access to the neighborhoods, for which the municipality will invest in its own concreting plant and will work with its resources.

1,000 lots in one year

The mayor also put access to land on the agenda and mentioned again, as he did during the campaign, the objective of delivering 1,000 lots at social value in the first year, through a transparent lottery mechanism and at the same time stated that will promote an update of the social value of land and will be strict with the collection of the lots to generate resources that can continue to be invested in the land bank.

He also indicated that another priority that he has already put into practice is the generation of new road connections in sectors that were closed, such as Caique Prayel Street, which is in the process of opening a section of 800 meters to generate new access to the El Frutillar neighborhood. ; the clearing of Los Ñires to speed up traffic in the eastern area, and the opening of a 100-meter street next to the service station at kilometer 1 of Avenida de los Pioneros. “They are not great works, you just had to listen to the people,” he said.

In terms of public works, he made special mention of the construction of a municipal natatorium of Olympic dimensions on a fraction of 3 hectares of land located next to the National Parks sawmill.

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