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Wang Baoqiang’s return to reality-themed movie “In the Octagonal Cage” leads the preview to ask people’s hearts jqknews

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Wang Baoqiang’s return to reality-themed movie “In the Octagonal Cage” leads the preview to ask people’s hearts jqknews

Original title: Wang Baoqiang returns to the real theme, the pilot preview of the movie “In the Octagonal Cage” asks people’s hearts

The crew of the movie “In the Octagonal Cage” appeared at the special project promotion meeting of the cat’s eye film Golden Rooster held in Xiamen. The director and leading star Wang Baoqiang, together with the leading stars Shi Pengyuan and Zhang Yiyi, attended the event. The leading trailer of the movie was exposed at the event site. According to Wang Baoqiang, “In the Octagonal Cage” is about how ordinary people find a way out of their predicament and face life without accepting their fate or admitting defeat. Wang Baoqiang plays a battlefield boss who completely changed the fate of a group of children because of his “deception” with ulterior motives.

Wang Baoqiang’s new work asks people’s hearts to exchange gifts at the scene

In the trailer released this time, Xiang Tenghui, the protagonist played by Wang Baoqiang, stands in front of the mottled photo wall, and his generous back is interspersed with the pictures of the children’s hard training. A line from Xiang Tenghui runs through this short trailer: “I tricked them out of that ravine, I tricked them into fighting, I tricked them into winning the championship, why did I lie?” It also made the audience curious about Wang Baoqiang’s role.

The event on that day was the first reunion of the crew of “In the Octagonal Cage” after the completion of the filming. They met again after half a year, and the creators were very excited. At the promotion meeting, Wang Baoqiang said that he re-directed after six years because he wanted to create a good story that belongs to China. At the same time, he thanked the audience for their recognition of him from the bottom of his heart, and said: “The audience’s recognition is The meaning and value of my filmmaking.” Starring Shi Pengyuan also enthusiastically confessed to director Wang Baoqiang, saying that he grew up watching his works, and Wang Baoqiang is a representative of “all-round actors” in his heart. Wang Baoqiang also responded with interest: “I hope you will also be a ‘multi-functional actor’ in the future.” At the event, Shi Pengyuan and Zhang Yiyi also presented Wang Baoqiang with the “Tree of Life” as a gift, thanking Wang Baoqiang for his protection like a big tree. Wang Baoqiang also sent back the two actors swallow kites, wishing each other to fly higher and higher. At the same time, he joked that he was a “kite flyer” in the new film, and he was always concerned about the children who flew farther and farther. At the same time, Wang Baoqiang also spoke highly of the performance of the two young actors in the play, praising the 17-year-old Shi Pengyuan for his “Su Mu” in his image, skills and character, while the new actor Zhang Yiyi’s control over the characters and the sincerity in his eyes are also surprising.

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Put the character in the palm of your hand and convey warmth and power in the ordinary

At the promotion meeting, we talked about the creation of the story of “In the Octagonal Cage”. Wang Baoqiang said that “In the Octagonal Cage” is a realistic story. The protagonist, Xiang Tenghui, brings hope to the children and helps them find a new way out in life. . As a director, nutritious, meaningful and touching stories are an important factor in attracting his creation, and he said that the sacredness of filmmaking lies in dreaming. In the character introduction session, Wang Baoqiang, Shi Pengyuan, and Zhang Yiyi drew their respective character representative patterns on their palms. The big tree in Wang Baoqiang’s palm represents Xiang Tenghui, who is as reliable as a big tree; the trophy painted by Shi Pengyuan points to Su Mu, who dreams of the championship trophy; and the smiling face painted in Zhang Yi’s palm is like the one who always smiles and faces life. Sister Sumu. The three main creators said that they put their roles in the palm of their hands and are committed to presenting a sincere work.

The movie “In the Octagonal Cage” tells the story of the protagonist’s efforts to train unattended local children into real combat athletes. As the second work directed by Wang Baoqiang, “In the Octagonal Cage” focuses the camera on ordinary people in the society, truly showing their vigorous vitality that is still unyielding and reluctant to accept their fate in the real dilemma. Wang Baoqiang has also appeared in ordinary characters in society many times, in “Blind Well” and “Hello! The vivid characters interpreted in works such as “Mr. Tree” have left a deep impression on the audience, and “In the Octagonal Cage” is the theme of Wang Baoqiang’s return to reality after many years. His personal experience echoes neatly.

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The movie “In the Octagonal Cage” is directed by Wang Baoqiang and written by Qiqi. At present, the film is in the intensive production stage, and I look forward to meeting the audience as soon as possible.

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