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Wang Hedi joins the new variety show “Hello Saturday” and the Air Force pilots chorus to show the power of youth-China Entertainment Network

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  China Entertainment News www.yule.com.cn On the evening of January 1st, Hunan Satellite TV’s new variety show “Hello Saturday” was launched with surprise. Wang Hedi was the resident guest of the show with host He Jiong, guests of “Little Brother Bucai Tuan” and “Youth Trainee”, and virtual host Xiao Yang. The New Year’s Day special program made a new appearance. Wang Hedi in the “Little Brother Bucai Group” demonstrated multiple talents, transformed into a Rap reporter to ignite the lively atmosphere, sang songs with air force pilots to pay tribute to the new era, and experienced the fighting spirit of workers in different industries from the perspective of youth, and conveyed the youth of striving for progress. energy.

This issue of “Hello Saturday” brings together workers from different positions. A section of warm performances gives the audience a glimpse of the industry situation. Each scene not only brings laughter and touch to the audience, but also allows youth representatives to pay tribute to the new in their own way. era. The sunny and lively Wang Hedi showed his unique acting charm in many film and television works and left a deep impression on the audience. The previous recording of “Energetic Brother” also performed very well, showing amazing reaction ability and rhythm. This time, joining “Hello Saturday” as a resident guest is eye-catching.

In “Hello Saturday”, Wang Hedi is responsible for the full atmosphere. The host is in a good manner. The newspaper sings the Rap rhythm and sings the song “Fighting Dragon” with Air Force pilots, veterans, and military musicians. The most emotional deduction depicts the mission and fighting spirit of the People’s Air Force, and demonstrates a strong sense of national pride and self-confidence.

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In the next program, long silk dance, armor culture and other national charm elements are coming again. What new experiences does Wang Hedi in “Little Brother Bu Cai Tuan” have? At 8:10 on Saturday night, I will lock on Hunan Satellite TV’s “Hello Saturday” to watch multiculturalism and deliver youthful energy.


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