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Wang Leehom apologizes for the violation and Xu Ruoxuan’s dinner

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Wang Leehom apologizes for the violation and Xu Ruoxuan’s dinner party

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2021-09-18 07:35

Just after quarantine and still in the independent health management period, we had dinner with Xu Ruoxuan and Fan Weiqi, Wang Leehom apologized: What a negligence

Global Network News “ETtoday News Cloud”, “Sanli News Network” and many other Taiwan media news. The artist Wang Leehom returned to Taiwan from the United States a few days ago. After the 14-day quarantine period ended on the evening of the 16th, he immediately ran to his friend Xu Ruoxuan’s house for dinner, including Chen Jianzhou. , Fan Weiqi and his wife, musician Chen Zihong and others. However, according to regulations, Wang Leehom should take independent health management for 7 days after the end of the quarantine period. Therefore, netizens on the island considered it a breach of epidemic prevention. In this regard, Wang Leehom just apologized on Facebook: he was really negligent and will bear all responsibility for violations.

Screenshot of “ETtoday News Cloud” report

Taiwan’s “Sanli News Network” stated that according to the regulations of the Epidemic Epidemic Center in Taiwan, you can live normally during the independent health management period, but you should avoid going in and out of public places, and you must wear medical masks all the way out. Party or participate in large-scale events. According to the “ETtoday News Cloud” report, if Leehom Wang is still in the period of independent health management at this time, he has indeed violated the regulations. According to Article 67, 69, and 70 of Taiwan’s “Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act”, he can be fined up to NT$300,000. .

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Xu Ruoxuan (third from left) entertained friends at home, and Wang Leehom (second from right), Chen Jianzhou, and Weiqi Fan appeared.Taiwanese media flipped from Facebook

According to the report, Xu Ruoxuan originally only shut down the function of the image and text message posted on Facebook, and then directly deleted this article. Leehom Wang apologized through the company, and simultaneously posted an apology on Facebook: “Thank you netizens and the media for reminding me that I really neglected to understand the seven-day self-health management after quarantine. I’m sorry to everyone, I’m sorry. I will bear everything. Liability for violations, the remaining three days of independent health management will be strictly completed.”


Screenshot of Leehom Wang Facebook

Source: World Wide Web Author: Editor: Li Jiayang
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