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Wang Yiting’s “Legend of Jianan” welcomes the finale of “Dance Student” surprise return without regrets_YNET.com

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Wang Yiting’s “Legend of Jianan” welcomes the finale “Dance Student” surprise return without regret

Winter is coming, and we ushered in the finale of “Jianan Biography” in the snow. The play is a joint production of Penguin Films, Siba Films, and Youth Youjia, and a costume love inspirational drama directed by Zhi Lei, on October 17th. Broadcast on Tencent Video and iQiyi. Since its broadcast, the drama has continued to rise in popularity, and it has been on the major lists. #嘉南传太上头了# #嘉南传妻相在看慕了# and other topics frequently appeared in hot searches.

Li Dongzhi, played by Wang Yiting, is a free-spirited “Ghost Horse Elf” who plays the role of “elder brother-in-law assist” and “dry meal” in the play. This is the second collaboration between Wang Yiting and Ju Jingyi. This time, the two have a tacit understanding. The relationship between girlfriends and girlfriends in the previous drama has turned into an intimate relationship between sister-in-law and sister-in-law.

As soon as the winter solstice comes out, she will disguise herself as a man. She has bright eyes and white teeth, and her heroic skills are not inferior to her. She is a little hot pepper. In addition to her heroic spirit, she will also be incarnate in the face of her beloved. Soft”, becoming a little birdy. Wang Yiting can switch between the two states freely, with just the right amount of control. Before the winter solstice was not online, some netizens called for Dongdong online in the bullet screen.

In addition, the “mother-daughter cp” composed of Wang Yiting and Teacher Lan Xi also surprises people-mother-daughter love in the play, sisters outside the play. The “old mother” who spoiled her daughter was broken for Dongdong’s marriage, but in the end the love still had to be in her own hands, and the stubborn Dongdong would never admit her fate. Wang Yiting’s lively and charming personality in “Jianan Biography” is very popular. Everyone says that this little sister is not simple, not only her sister-in-law assists but also a mighty and powerful general.

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As a new star in film and television, Wang Yiting’s achievements are quite good. Although the broadcast of “Jianan Biography” is drawing to a close, but in other film and television dramas, Wang Yiting will perform well. On the 12th, she was turned into a cold female killer in the play, and her partner Liu Yuning staged a sadomasochistic unrequited love to show the audience a different Wang Yiting.

Not long ago, Wang Yiting returned to the “Dancing Student” with a pleasant surprise, and once again stepped on the stage to bring everyone an opening dance performance, which made up for the regret of retiring before. I hope that the hard-working and serious young lady can continue to shine in the field she loves, and the future can be expected!

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