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Want to play the card of women in the workplace, but the plot is slightly suspended jqknews

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Want to play the card of women in the workplace, but the plot is slightly suspended jqknews
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  Author: Li Xiazhi

The urban workplace drama “Lady’s Law”, which focuses on the legal industry, was launched on CCTV 8. The workplace drama with women as the protagonists of the legal industry is the main feature of the drama. After the broadcast, the two female protagonists of the drama are really refreshing. , and whether the legal part is professional, people put a question mark.

The main storyline of “Ladies’ Law” currently revolves around the confrontation between two lawyers with different ideas. The law firm’s corruption case became a partner. The two were completely different in terms of behavior and legal philosophy, and they also held diametrically opposite opinions on how to deal with each case. In many collaborations, the two have collided ideas to understand each other, which led to the discussion of “how to follow the heart and establish self-law between emotion and reason”.

Since the broadcast of the series, there have been many cases of great social practical significance. Whether it is the dismissal of pregnant female employees by the Internet companies at the beginning, or the abandonment of a terminally ill Internet celebrity by her husband, the cases in the play obviously combine a large number of current affairs hotspots. , the entrusting clients are also women. The two lawyers adopted completely different solutions. Xu Jie respected absolute rational judgment and pursued more practical client interests, while Chen Ran started from her mother’s identity and tried her best to consider the client’s emotional needs. It can be seen from the plot that the early cooperation between the two was relatively smooth, and they were basically able to help each other to achieve the purpose of solving problems.

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In the play, Xu Jie’s image of a female lawyer is also unique, which not only breaks the strict and conservative lawyer’s character in habitual cognition, but also increases the performance of many contemporary heroines. From the very beginning of the show, Xu Jie broke the inherent paradigm of professional image with her seemingly inconspicuous appearance. The daily dress of flaming red lips, and her arrogant behavior, all posted the protagonist’s jumping out. regular label.

Judging from the female workplace dramas in these years, it is not uncommon for dramas in which women become the protagonists of the workplace, and many dramas will embark on the routine of the protagonist’s golden fingers, and the success depends entirely on the help of the opposite sex. Although “Lady’s Law” does not repeat the routine of this expression, it is somewhat deviated in shaping the independent character of women. Although the play emphasizes the differences in the positions and ideas of the two female lawyers, they obviously prefer the attitude of a subversive such as Xu Jie who challenge the existing rules. Xu Jie’s workplace attitude may be based on her strong professional ability, but when actually dealing with problems and solving real difficulties, her methods are too pediatric and appear distorted.

The solution for Internet companies to discriminate against pregnant female workers is to use the pressure of public opinion from female spokespersons; the divorce disputes of past Internet celebrities are based on lawyer Chen Ran’s three-inch tongue, using so-called empathy to persuade a marriage. The mother and baby boy who had calculated in every possible way. The solutions of these two cases are extremely accidental, not like practical cases for reference, but more like plot nodes designed to complete the progress. This kind of processing method lacks professionalism and has no realistic basis. Creating an image of a true workplace woman doesn’t help. Coupled with the pre-buried story of Xu Jie’s sister and brother’s love at the beginning, it makes the workplace line of this drama slightly absurd and suspended. For “Lady’s Law”, if it continues to follow the current plot trend, this drama will obviously not be able to break the type limitations of domestic industry dramas. That’s it. (Li Xiazhi)

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