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Warpaint – Common Blue – HeavyPop.at

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Warpaint – Common Blue – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on February 22, 2024 in Single

Two years after their fourth, current studio album – which will probably not receive a successor until further notice Radiate Like This celebrate Warpaint her 20th birthday with the single Common Blue.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day as an anniversary Common Blue a very fine piece of soft indie dream pop with a reserved neo-psychedelic charisma, slightly maritime shimmering and with a bittersweet, almost childishly naive chanted hook. A relaxed beat drives the number, the bass is grounded, the guitars relax dreamily, the vocals doze in soft sweetness and vague, almost tropical synth textures practice subtlety, where vocal harmonies and groove caress each other, even a latent old school warpaint -create vibe.
But this is not a catchy escapism from everyday life that transcends spherical physicality: “Isn’t it obvious/ That maybe, baby, we only have one life to live?/ I try my best to make the most of it“. Really nice – especially when the verses let go and allow themselves a lot of space.

That the (much too strictly limited) 7” single from Common Bluewhich is the B-side Underneath was donated) so this will be the last publication of for the foreseeable future Warpaint is of course a shame (and admittedly, given the pain of separation, it also results in the points being rounded up in the rating) – but probably also necessary, as the band announces quite casually: “We’ve a tour coming up in May, we’re going to release this song and I feel like we’re probably going to take a little bit of a break. We don’t really have anything on the books for the summer. I think Emily’s going to work on some solo endeavours – it’s kind of ambiguous. We know for the foreseeable future we will be taking some time off, but it’s not like ‘oh, we’re taking a year off or two years off or three years’. After May we know that we won’t be doing anything.

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Common Blue von Warpaint

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