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“Waterfall” Represents Taiwan in Competing for Oscar | Zhong Menghong | NTD Chinese TV Online

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[NewTangDynastyBeijingOctober092021]”Waterfall” directed by Zhong Menghong has won the attention of international film festivals. It is recommended by the Film and Pop Music Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Culture in a selection meeting to represent Taiwan in the US 94th Oscar Award Best international film.

According to Wikipedia, “Waterfall” is the sixth feature feature film directed by Taiwanese director Zhong Menghong. The film has its world premiere in the Horizon section of the 78th Venice Film Festival from September 1 to September 11, 2021. Starring by Alyssa Chia and Wang Jing. It will be screened in the word-of-mouth field first in Taiwan from October 22 to 24, and will be officially released on October 29.

Zhong Menghong’s works have been selected for the best international film at the Oscars on behalf of Taiwan for two consecutive years

According to a report by the Central News Agency, Zhong Menghong’s previous work “Sunshine” not only swept the 56th Golden Horse Awards, but also represented Taiwan in competing for the best international film at the Academy Awards. This time, his work represented Taiwan for the second consecutive year.

According to the Ministry of Culture, there are 11 national films registered for the Oscars this year. After a lively discussion by the selection committee, the committee decided to recommend “Waterfall” to represent Taiwan. The committee believes that “Waterfall” responds to reality and is accurate and profound. “Whether it is a visual metaphor Or the relationship between the characters has vivid and clever performance and was unanimously recommended by the committee members.”

“Waterfall” is the first time that Zhong Menghong observes the story from a female perspective, and talks about the story of warming life with the COVID-19 (Chinese Communist Party virus) epidemic in Taiwan as the background. Zhong Menghong once shared that the construction canvas covering the house in “Waterfall” is like a big mask. Under the epidemic, the relationship between people should have been closer, but the reality has distanced it. “The epidemic is just now, how should people get closer (distance)” I hope that the film can explore the relationship between people and care about each other more.

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Jia Jingwen left home to live alone for the filming of “Waterfall”

Jia Jingwen, who had just been shortlisted for the Golden Horse Movie Queen for her role in “Waterfall”, accepted a joint media interview with director Zhong Menghong on the 6th. She revealed that in order to play a fragile mother, she adopted the suggestion of her husband, Xiu Jiekai, especially to stay away from home for a month to cultivate emotions. And in this “special month”, Xiu Jiekai took care of the daily life of his daughters.

Taiwanese director Zhong Menghong’s new work “Waterfall” was shortlisted for 11 awards at the 58th Golden Horse Awards. The protagonists Alyssa Chia and Wang Jing will compete for the actress. Speaking of the shooting process of “Waterfall”, Jia Jingwen revealed in an interview on the 6th that in order to integrate into the role, the director rented a room and let her live alone for a month to cultivate emotions. Jia Jingwen said that it was Xiu Jiekai who advised her not to live at home during the filming of the film. “My husband supports this matter and proposed this matter. The director also agreed that I need a space for me to settle and change my mood.”

As for whether she would miss her daughter after experiencing this “very special month”, Jia Jingwen, who interprets a fragile mother in the film, said that she usually uses video to contact her. The daughters only come to the rental house to reunite after the filming, “because they come. It will bring me too much happy atmosphere.” In order to maintain the emotions and the psychological state of the characters in the film, Jia Jingwen said that she must stay away from the happy life of getting along with her daughters in reality, “I don’t want to go home to feel that kind of happiness.” Regarding this, Jia Jingwen laughed and said: “Director Zhong also said,’Don’t get into the drama too deeply.'”

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Alyssa Chia and Wang Jing play a pair of mother and daughter in the film. The relationship between the two goes from an instant conflict to mutual understanding and care, with rich emotional levels. Jinma Executive Committee Executive Director Wen Tianxiang praised at the press conference when the shortlist was announced on the 5th. Jia Jingwen’s interpretation of the role is very good, switching between madness and normal emotions, and Wang Jing is beyond the original in “Back to School”. His acting skills are quite eye-catching.

In addition to the two protagonists Jia Jingwen and Wang Jing competing for the Golden Horse Movie, “Waterfall” is also shortlisted for Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Photography, Best Visual Effects, Best Art Design, Best A total of 11 awards including styling design, best original film music, best editing, etc.

Zhong Menghong said that he was relieved to see that both Wang Jing and Jia Jingwen were shortlisted, because he was “very worried that one of them was not shortlisted.” Speaking of the casting process, Zhong Menghong revealed that he used to look at the photos to select one by one, and said, “The combination of these two photos is really great.” He also revealed that Jia Jingwen and Wang Jing were finally selected as the mother and daughter, and the rest of the team believed that this was the best combination.

“Waterfall” represents Taiwan’s competition for Oscars. (YouTube video screenshot)

Jia Jingwen’s scalp numb after the mother-daughter Golden Horse Award contest of “Waterfall”, Wang Jing’s brain is blank

The 58th Golden Horse Awards shortlist was announced. Zhong Menghong’s “Waterfall” was shortlisted for 11 Golden Horse Awards. Jia Jingwen and Wang Jing, who worked with Director Zhong for the first time, were also nominated as queens. Jia Jingwen said that she had a scalp Ma, Wang Jing suddenly felt a little blank.

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Jia Jingwen said: “I’m really happy to know that there are so many finalists for “Waterfall”. When I hear my name, my scalp is numb and my hands are still shaking. I am very happy to be able to participate in this movie together. Congratulations to all the finalists. Congratulations to Wang Jing, I hope we can walk the red carpet together.”

Wang Jing, who was at work, suddenly learned about the shortlisting news, and frankly said that he was really surprised. Suddenly, he was a little blank and incoherent. “But anyway, thank you, Director Zhong, and sister Jingwen. I really hope that she won the award, and thank the entire crew. , It’s a big deal for me to be shortlisted, I will cheer!”

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