Home Entertainment “Watergate Bridge” and “Changjin Lake” co-wrote the tens of billions of mythology Bona Films’ 2021 performance may be good jqknews

“Watergate Bridge” and “Changjin Lake” co-wrote the tens of billions of mythology Bona Films’ 2021 performance may be good jqknews

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“Watergate Bridge” and “Changjin Lake” co-wrote the tens of billions of mythology Bona Films’ 2021 performance may be good jqknews

According to Cat’s Eye Pro data show that as of March 9 o’clock on the 23rd, the film “Chosin Reservoir Water Bridge” real-time box office 4.026 billion yuan, becoming the eighth film in the history Mainland box office breaking four billion yuan movie. The cumulative box office of the two “Changjin Lake” series reached 9.8 billion yuan.

According to professional analysis, relying on the main theme hit movies such as “Changjin Lake” and “Chinese Doctor” released last year, “Changjin Lake: Water Gate Bridge” which has been released this year and “No Name”, “Ordinary Hero” and “Hai De” which are expected to be released this year. The end is the grassland” and other films, the box office of Bona Films has been rising steadily.performanceexpected. Among them, “Ordinary Hero” is a film adapted from the real deeds of rescuing a boy with a broken arm in Hotan, Xinjiang, and is currently being screened in Xinjiang theaters normally.

Bona Pictures chairman in the winter, “said Chinese doctors,” “Chosin” and “Chosin Reservoir Water Bridge” This has made three films at the box office $ 11 billion, plus the previously “the pride of China Trilogy” And “Operation Red Sea” and other films, since 2018, Bona’s box office has exceeded 20 billion yuan.

From the perspective of the industry, on the one hand, although the box office of the Spring Festival this year is only 80% of that of last year, it is still higher than that of 2019 before the epidemic. On the other hand, recently,Light MediaWanda MoviesChinese filmHengdian Film and TelevisionHuayi BrothersShanghai FilmJinyi Film and TelevisionA number of listed film and television companies have released the 2021 annual performance forecast of “turning losses into profits”.

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  Central China Securitiesrecently publishedResearch reportIt is believed that the epidemic may continue to have an impact on the domestic film industry, but the market self-regulation mechanism of survival of the fittest will make film and television companies more inclined to high-quality content when setting up projects, and the reduction in actor costs is also expected to provide film and television companies with more. Performance growth space.

(Article source: ShanghaisecuritiesNewspaper Chinasecuritiesnetwork)

Article source: Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network

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