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“We are a small province, but we are going to defend ourselves” – Diario RÃo Negro

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“We are a small province, but we are going to defend ourselves” – Diario RÃo Negro

HeGovernor of Chubut, Ignacio Torresmade statements this afternoon to Radio con vos, after the intense confrontation last Thursday night against the president Javier Mileiand advanced What will happen with the cut of supplies to the Nation?“Today we are going to make a decision”.

In his statements, the governor said that Chubut It is a small province, but it will defend itself. He stressed that there is a degree of cynicism that is surprising.
He made reference to They found themselves with a province in debtand For the first time in ten years they reached an agreement so that classes can begin. They had filed an injunction for transportation and stated that “they are withholding the equivalent of four schools from us.”

Torres maintains that Nation must be the only creditor in the world that does not want to collect, in order to have the tool to financially suffocate the province of Chubut every month.
He believes it is deliberate since, according to what the interior minister himself said Franks, The relationship with the province changed after the Omnibus Law fell. He also highlighted that his deputies voted in favor, although he considers that if they had voted against, what they are doing is still wrong since, “we cannot naturalize extortion.”

Torres expressed that behavior of this nature on the part of the president was not expected. Javier Miley in the relationship with the political system. “Beyond the form, beyond the rhetoric, there is a dilemma that has to do with the narrative and the epic of look for imaginary enemies to distract society from reality and not do what it has to do, which is govern.

The governor said “We in Chubut on a scale made a much larger adjustment than the one the national government made. We had a legal fight in which members of a union that extorted businessmen ended up in prison.

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Además noted that “Chubut asks for respect”highlighting that he does politics to govern, to transform the reality of his province, clarifying that the national government is in a microclimate where “two or three courtiers tell the president that he lives in a reality that is very different.”

Torres expressed that “We all want the government to have fiscal balance and to do well, But they don’t want them to laugh in our faces anymore.

When asked about the creation of a company that could be called “Energía Patagonia” the governor responded that it is an idea to nuclear provinces that produce some type of energy, be it oil, hydroelectric, etc.

«It is planned to salt before mid-March, March 7 We fear a meeting with the Patagonian parliament, all the national legislators and all the governors of Patagonia will be in Madryn and, among the different projects that we are going to present within the framework of a personal development agenda, there is also the Patagonian energy company.» explained Torres.

That would give it more autonomy or density to eventually discuss with the national government, He also stressed that “there is another dilemma that also angered the government and that is a proposition that they will continue to maintain: the resources belong to the provinces and this is not an interpretation or something that I think, it is something that the constitution clearly.

For Torres, the government says that energy is an intangible, that when it passes through the turbines of the hydroelectric plants, the resource returns, so Nation has to be the granting power of the hydroelectric plants that expires next year.

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It highlights that “The water is ours, the resources belong to the provinces. We are entering into a discussion hundreds of years ago about a unitary or federal country and in that sense that is not a partisan discussion, it is a discussion about what model of country we want. Torres stressed that “we want to decide in relation to the concessions and that he encouraged them to do the infrastructure that needs to be done.”

The governor of Chubut said that the Patagonia represents 50 percent of the foreign exchange dollars that the different national governments have been squandering. “Here in Comodoro Rivadavia, in more than 100 years, more than 300 billion dollars were generated with our flagship operator YPF,” and he said that in Commodore, there is no water, explaining that YPF wants to leave without taking responsibility for the environmental social liabilities and that “those are things that we are going to fight and no one has to get angry since it is a clear discussion, the resources belong to the provinces and we are not asking you for a peso, we just ask that you respect what the constitution says.” ».

To conclude, Torres explained that He does not make decisions to see how they appear on social networks. «I am going to do what I said, and everyone knew it, Francos, Macri, Bullrichbecause we’ve been talking about it for a while now.”

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